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Tory Street Lights (NZ)'s display in Nelson NZ

17 Tory St, Maitai 7010, New Zealand
Tory Street Lights (NZ) Tory Street Lights (NZ) Not running

Dates & times

8:30 pm until 11:30 pm

Display details

Display type
Music sources
  • 87.9 FM
  • Speakers


Show runs until 12.08am, 50,000 Lights, 17,300 Channels. 700 Channels of AC lights controlled by Serial Renard controllers, while the 5,400+ Pixels handled by E1.31 Data using a Falcon F16V3 Pixel controller. Sequencing in Vixen 2.1x and then xLights to sequence the Pixels, with playout and scheduling controlled by xSchedule.
- Enjoy :)