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    Extra PSU in Smart Receiver Box for Extra Power Injection

    yep you got it, just a single conneciton ebtween the V- on the power supply is enough to sort the data issues in most cases, just dont mix up Ground and V- as technically they are 2 different things (for some reason lots of people in this hobby use V- and ground as interchangable, its fine when...
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    Sending data to pixels over 8 bundled (data) wires

    proberbly not your issue but doesnt SFTP / FTP need to be grounded at each end for the shielding to work correctly? I have similar flickering issues when the negative from the pixel string does not have sufficient enough current path back to the signal source
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    Running FPP on an Old Laptop

    also I am pretty sure the shortage ( in Australia anyway) seems to be over for Pi's most retails and wholsalers are listing them as in stock
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    Experience Needed

    if you can SSH to the Pi and just run sudo halt that will shut the thing down and drop the SSH connection, you could automate it with scripts or create a one click action in something like home assistaint or FPP Script to do it based on user input or external button somewhere
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    Music transmission in a modern world - avoiding lag issues?

    the problem is not so much the latency as you can account for that its the variable latency that you cant account for - every single model of phone or device would have a different latency you could work out the latency on the equipment you control ( bluetooth, h.264/5, network switch, access...
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    Moving Effects to Shorter Sequence

    copy paste works between xlights windows, just make sure you dont have a timing track selected when you do it
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    Rotate Video on TV screen

    you can rotate the model 90 degrees in layout by clicking the centre mark until it shows the curves
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    Matrix Falcon Port Allocation

    my similar size matrix of 24x92 (2208 px) I run on 2 falcon ports with 2x power injection at the 500px and 1500px marks @30% - no reason you shouldn't be able to run the whole thing without injection at 12v on 4 ports
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    Falcon F16V4

    Ordered mine on the 21st and still waiting haha!
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    welcome, I would suggest finding out what your local store stocks and run with that as far as connectors go - it makes that last minute I need 5 more of these plugs much easier to get, personally I run 12v, there is an argument for both, one is not better than the other jsut what better suits...
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    Brisbane/Qld QLD Mini - Brisbane 2022 - April 23rd - 24th

    I have to pull out, I have the spicy cough :( have fun!
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    Brisbane/Qld QLD Mini - Brisbane 2022 - April 23rd - 24th

    do you need any projectors to borrow? I might have access to a few
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    Another north of Brisbane joiner

    welcome to the forum !
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    Greetings from North Brisbane

    Hi welcome - there are a few of us northside, Braken ridge, Bald hills, Northgate and us in Boondall
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    Use real time sound input (microphone) to output to lights?

    no of xlights, its just for pre made content - there are plenty of sound to ws2811 things on the market but you cannot control what they output or design any props