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    First year of pixels - controller choices

    That's incorrect. Back before null buffers it was add a pixel to act as a null pixel, or run a negative and data through one pair of cat5 (The other 6 can be left unconnected or connected to the negative line to act as a "shield"). Many of us got 40+ meter runs back in the day with cat5, and...
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    Sydney/NSW Sydney Expo May 16-17th 2020

    Yay, I'm in, as will Sue (Depending on Knee Op)
  3. lithgowlights

    Mini pyramid trees

    I like them, well done. I agree with Alan in regards to the white cable ties. I get 4-5 seasons from black ties, but <1 from white cableties before they become brittle
  4. lithgowlights

    Falcon F16v3 & F48 E1.31 pixel controller 2020 interest thread

    Thanks Daryl. I'll definitely need 2 expansions, but will likely also get another Falcon and diff expansion, plus about 8 smart receivers
  5. lithgowlights

    1st Post for 2020

    Too much time on your hands!
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    Thank you AusChristmasLighting members!

    Were you the walkthrough he did?
  7. lithgowlights

    Thank you AusChristmasLighting members!

    We really do appreciate the work you do for us too Daryl. Many people don't realise the time you spend testing, packaging and sending the Falcons, and for those of us who do, we really thank you a LOT - we owe you :)
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    Can Arduino or RPi be used for a very simple animated display?

    I know this is almost a month old, but I run my internal Christmas tree on a Beaglebone Black and F4-B, but last year it was a Pi and cheap Pi-hat from smartalec. My garden lights use a Pi and one of Alec's Pi Hats and have run fine for the last 2 years like that, running 24/7, but being turned...
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    Sydney Trip

    Went for a "Little Drive" last night with the wife and son. We went and spoke to @billatqh (Bill and Alison) before dark then went down to @Benslights for a visit to see his lights in action. On the way back to Bills, we stopped and saw @tomas122727 display, then saw Bills after dark. Back home...
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    Sydney/NSW Sydney Expo 2020 (aka Sydney Mini) interest

    A topic for consideration (and I can do it if nobody else wants to). Choosing your FM frequency, choosing transmitters, and getting the complementary licence. Maybe we could include a room discussion on "tune to" signs etc as part of this. This was due to a visit to a members display recently
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    USB powerbank 5V 4.8A 20000mAh $41 delivered @ Amazon AU until 5pm (Expired)

    Lol I found the one I already have for 32 so I grabbed one of them too. Not as good, but not too bad
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    USB powerbank 5V 4.8A 20000mAh $41 delivered @ Amazon AU until 5pm (Expired)

    Grabbed one. Would like 2 more but it wont let me :(
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    Sydney/NSW Sydney Expo 2020 (aka Sydney Mini) interest

    That's only because after this year you want to hire a full enclosed semi trailer for Reds order
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    Sydney/NSW Sydney Expo 2020 (aka Sydney Mini) interest

    Happy to do an FPP - setup, uploading from xLights, and BBB/P10 setup.
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    Version: v3.5.8 (v3.5 branch) Universe 0

    I did not think Universe 0 was a valid universe. The sACN standard only allows universe numbers from 1-63999