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    Liv born 1:27pm 26/09/2020

    Congrats to you both! Is Liv pushing pixels yet?
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    How long do you spend creating a sequence.

    For some people that have similar houses to the sequence then they do. Me, on the other hand, has to spend 5-10 hours getting it looking right after I import it
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    Power from controller and injection. Which way is right?

    I agree with Cathelest, and use both dumb and smart receivers for just this reason. While you can power inject with a remote PSU, I'd really tell people that you should not do this unless you have a bit of experience with both electricity and lights in general. Understanding how power flows in a...
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    Who's still doing their display in COVID Victoria?

    I completed my COVID plan yesterday, sent it to the council, and basically it was voiceovers to tell people to stay in their cars, no donations, and simply enjoy the show. I was considering pulling the plug, but I have spent so much this year that I want people to enjoy it, especially...
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    How long do you spend creating a sequence.

    In terms of real sit-down and sequence time, I'd estimate 10+ hours per song, and when I import others I often spend that long getting things right as well.
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    New Bethlehem Star

    One of the only bits I truly hate on the lights is putting up the Bethlehem star on the house. A 1.5 meter tall star weighing 20+kg, while climbing an aluminium ladder and nestled between the power line and phone lines. You have to lift the star out behind you while leaning against the power...
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    Computer fan question?

    You can get 3 (and 4) wire 5V fans - I use the 3 wire 5V ones in all my builds as I bought a heap of them
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    Bunnings Nutcrackers/Toy soldiers

    More control of the light than color. I'd likely use white but say run around the prop or top to bottom. It's not really an issue as the local store does not have any
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    Computer fan question?

    The falcon F16 V3 can turn a fan on and off depending on temperature of the board as well - I usually have 1 on direct to the PSU and a second fan controlled by the F16 in heavily loaded boxes
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    Bunnings Nutcrackers/Toy soldiers

    I was thinking the base may be a better option, placing pixels around something like a piece of conduit (60mm??), or use strips on the conduit (Shudder). You should be able to cut a hole, add some internal bracing on the base around the hole, place the conduit, mounted to a base you leave...
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    Bunnings Nutcrackers/Toy soldiers

    Will be hard to replace with pixels then, but thats OK, for the price I might have to invest in one and see what I can do :)
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    Bunnings Nutcrackers/Toy soldiers

    Is there easy access inside through the top or base?
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    Hello - planning for Christmas!!

    Welcome to ACL, and I agree that the 101 manual is a great resource. Please feel free to drop into chat where you can often get real-time help, advice and general chit-chat
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    Welcome to ACL. Please feel free to drop into chat, as there are usually a few people about that can help you get ideas and guide you as to what we do
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    Smart Receiver Question

    Yeah if it's simply that one smart receiver has 5V pixels, one has 12V pixels, then it's nothing you need to worry about. Things only get complex when you mix the voltages on one receiver board