A Christmas Miracle!


Back again
Dec 5, 2012
Swansea, NSW
Australia Post delivered my new controller from Advatek Lights on a Saturday :eek: :D I thought all was lost when my e6804 controller started behaving erratically earlier in the week. No problem I thought, I ordered a spare from Sandevices last week. Should have been delivered mid week. WRONG!!! TNT used an agent (FedEx) to collect in the US. They didn't bother collecting it for a week. It's in transit but won't be til next week at the earliest. So then I tried Advatek Lights on Wednesday in the hope they could help me out. Luke went out of his way to assist me and went to the post office during his lunch break. Fantastic I thought, what great service. Awesome! Express post, guaranteed next day delivery! WRONG!!! Aussie post lost it twice. I tried harassing them. I asked Luke if he could try to contact them. Once again he went above and beyond. Friday came and went with no delivery. I was not a happy CLAPper. Well, I was miserable because my nieces would be visiting on Saturday and would want to see Uncle Steve's lights.
Well cop this, Aussie post delivered my controller on Saturday morning :D :D :D :D :D :D
I can't thank Luke from Advatek Lights enough.
A Christmas Miracle ::)


Dedicated elf
Apr 9, 2014
Steve it was looking like you must have been a bad boy during the year and were on Santa's naughty list with all that bad luck. Turns out you must of been a good boy and Santa has been looking out for you. Glad it all turned out as planned in the end.