Farewell to 2010 - welcome to 2011


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Jun 20, 2009
Canberra, ACT, Australia
Farewell to 2010 - welcome to 2011

Hi to everyone,

What a mad, manic, wonderful year 2010 has been.

This may ramble around so apologies upfront.

I would like to thank many people for their support during 2010 and in no order here goes.
- You.... the forum member reading this, without you we would not have a community.
- My two global moderators, Fasteddy and Tabor, they have done a great job and looked after the forum and me.
- The default Chat Group that regardless of the time of day seems to be around to answer questions people have.
- Ed Bryson (j1sys), the man behind the ECG/E131 without which a lot of the things acheived this year would not have

happened and a man i consider a personal friend. Ed, thank you for your contributions this year
- Tabor (again) for all the work he put in to make the TP3244 a reality.
- mrpackethead, yep gotta thank the man that has lead the way for RGB and made a commercial success of it in 2010.
- David in Texas for helping out with testing and package distribution.
- David in Bisbane for all the advise and support.
- Ryan for taking up the WIKI and getting it rolling and all the contributors so far.

If i missed your name, please don't feel insulted, everyone who has been around has been great and I thank you all for

making the Forum a success.

I'll take this chance to formally welcome the Australian LOR Users Group to the Forum, i hope we can provide a new

friendly home that the benefits outweigh and disadvantages caused by the move away from google groups.

2011 will see more people using multiple brands of equipment and I would like everyone to remember that it's not about

what you use but the smiles you put onto the faces of your family, friends and visitors.

On the note, I don't care if you buy it or build it, ultimately we all put in some form of sweat from sequencing music

to artistic display layouts to hand soldering a million LEDS to make our displays something special. Whatever you do you

do because you can so please respect peoples choices and abilities.

Well that's all for the formal announcement section.

May all that are suffering from Flood, Fire and Blizzards, I truly wish you all the very best over the next few days and


I wish you all the very best for 2011


A little from and about me this year.

I started the year with an idea to do a RGB megatree as I watched my display in Dec 2009, little did i realise just were

it would lead me.
That little idea lead to the development of the Tiger120 for the purpose of driving the LED's for the tree. Whilst i

played with that the new version of the Tiger48 was born.
This left me with a dilemma during the first half of the year - just where did I actually promote the Tiger range. DIYC

was not the place due to the high importance of build it yourself and open source code, not a direction I wanted to go.

DLA was really my home and I still have respect for RJ and the forum but a non Lynx product did not seem like it would be

At the same time I was becoming increasingly frustrated at the US centric nature, certainly to be expected, of the

existing Christmas lighting forums and could see a need for an Australian Forum.
So "what the h^ll" was the thought.... lets kick of an Australian based forum with a focus on low voltage lighting and

make a home for the Tiger boards as well.

Well little did I realise just how popular it would be and just where it would end up a short seven months later.

I've said it above but again many many thanks to everyone.

Sadly I guess I haven't managed to please everyone and I know a number that I have for various reasons been upset with me

or service provided - to you all - my sincerest regrets and a heartfelt apology, I can only hope to do better in 2011.

Well the year rolled on and in a Chat session one night Tabor asked privately could i do a pixel controller, this was

something that was firmly in the 2011 plan, fairly certain that the first response was no... then after some more chat

and a "if you do the firmware" comment the basics for the TP3244 was born, originally it was based on a PIC18 but

eventually moved to a PIC32 for a number of reasons.

So between the forum and the hardware designs I was burning the candle at both ends and ended up with a very nasty cold

that developed into a bad chest infection somewhere around October and layed me completely out of action for about 10

days... little did i realise what it was leading to...
As we neared the end of the year I got the cold back again with the chest cough, thought i would be good and go to the

doctor early, mentioned some chest pain whilst I was there..... 4 hours later i'm lying in a bed in the Emergency

department with positive results for a heart attack.
After 4 days it was eventually determined that it wasn't a heart attack in the traditional sense but an episode caused by

Hypertropic Obstructive Cardio-Myoperthy, just as deadly mind you.
It was also around this time that Julie (my better half) lost her mother to cancer.
Then just to rub some salt into the end of the year on the day before the funeral was to be held I had a driver pull

directly in front of me on a roundabout whilst riding my rather beloved Triumph Sprint 955, lucky for me i walkied away

with just a graze on the new... the bike was not so lucky.
We topped the year off with a nice little case of broncitis that i picked up a couple weeks ago running around my

driveway in 10c temperatures.

Apart from the gloom above.......... What a WONDERFULL year it has been.

I did get my display up and running, a week late but it has been worth it, many may have seen the video or live feed for

those that haven't we have writeups to do and more videos to post.

A hello to everyone who popped in and said hello, it was good to either catch up again or meet for the first time.

:( sadly one of the local enthustiest had his dislay vandilised a couple of nights ago... to the scum who did it.."you suck" we have a car description that is well known and will be passed on to some friends that will keep an eye out.

Another drink has now been emptied so it must be time to sign off.................

All the very best in 2011



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May 2, 2010
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Hi Phi,

Just a quick note to say thank you for all your wonderful work and help to ALL us non technical guys out there. My display was a bit late as well but all those beautiful smiles and sighs made the 2 and 3 am finishes worth it.

I'm sure that there are more than a few of us watching and reading quietly in the background picking up what we can from all you very clever and sharing guys and gals, thanks so much!!

On behalf of myself and my family I would like to wish you all a very safe and happy New Year.

Kev :)


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Jun 12, 2010
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My thanks also to everyone that contributed in 2010. I have leaned a lot since joining ACL and look forward to another fun filled year. :)


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May 12, 2010
Thanks to you Phil for all the time that you have put into making thid site a success.
Thanks for all the work and development you have done to get all of the controllers that you have all developed out to everyone.

Thanks you for all the time and time and extra time making your sick and almost dying to get the stuff out there for us to make our displays a success.

And Thanks for Being Aussie Phil

Happy New Year lets hope that it's better than the last.