Help! 32 Strand MegaTree


New elf
Mar 18, 2021
Hi Guys! I'm hoping someone can help me!
I pruchased a 32 strand MegaTree from HolidayCoro, along with a Star and some arches.
I've finally had time to get the tree up and running but there are somethings not working.
What I'm wondering is if there is anyone in Sydney that has technical experience with these (Its a HinksPix COntroller), that I can pay to come out and just get it sorted for me? I'm sure its all pretty straight forward, for someone that knows what their doing its probably a quick fix

My issues/questions are -
- Since I plugged my home network into the HinksPix, I think it did a firmware update and now only the first 16 of the strands work?
- My Star i dont think is working properly? I cant really tell?
- I'd like to know how to add the music to the Sequences (I purchased from Holiday Coro)
- I'd like to know options for buying/adding other sequences? preferably not to music?
- How do I set ON/OFF times?
I havent yet even looked at the arches, that may be a next year project.

Can anyone help me? ASAP?
Thank you in advance! Will (Newbie)


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Jul 5, 2013
HolidayCoro's controllers are uncommon in this community but it can't hurt to ask.

You probably will be able to get help with sequences and scheduling. What software are you using? Is it a PC running the show? What have you tried so far and what worked/didn't work?