Need Help with Pixel layout on my house PLease help.

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    Hi everyone.
    I have been bashing my head to figure all this RGB stuff out.
    I am wanting to use the Technicolor Pixels from Ray Wu with the C9 convers.
    I am having a hard time how many pixels to use to outline my house, windows, Door, etc...
    I know that I want to use the Technicolor Pixels with the C9 covers on my roof and on the side corners of my house.
    I haven't decided yet if I want to use them on my windows and my front door.
    If I decide not to use those on my windows and door I'm considering using these.
    Can some one please help me figure this out ?
    I have attached a drawing with all the measurements below.
    I want to use three of the Sandevices E6804 Pixel controllers with the Technicolor Smart Pixels from Ray Wu.
    Technicolor Pixels
    Sandevices E6804
    Thank you

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    Both of those pixel options are 10cm spacing - or approx 4" if that helps......So a 50 node string would be about 16' long and a 100 node string would be about 32' - you may also need to add a bit of fudge factor "just in case".

    Are you sure you need lights on the back of the roof on the left hand side? Would that be visible?

    Rough calc is about 64.5m of lights for your diagram(211') - so would need to buy something like 650 or 700 pixels at 10cm spacing......

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