Technical Analysis of GS8208


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Jun 27, 2019
1. GS8208's 12 bits gamma can make low gray darker, suitable for display and other application effects.
View media item 10752. The 12V of GS8208 mainly solves the problem of the length of the lamp band connection, so we use RGB in series to reduce the driving current and improve the voltage attenuation tolerance. In fact, we also provide a way to increase the connection length without affecting the 12 bit gray scale effect, but this requires the cooperation of the controller. This is a hidden function on GS8208 that is not unlocked.
3. As for the internal display patterns.we have deleted the internal display patterns of GS8208, but the IC version maintains the internal display patterns. The GS8208 scheme with internal display patterns purchased should be launched in 2018. If you want to choose products with internal control, you can choose our GS8206 or chip version of GS8208. In addition, please note that our internal control function is designed for customers to use alone, and the data line must be grounded but not connected to the controller.

In addition, in normal use, many functions of GS8208 can not be reflected, I also listed below.
1. Two signal resistors per half meter, short circuit is no problem. These two resistors are added to prevent the installation worker from using them incorrectly. The incorrect connection may cause the burning of the LED, so these two resistors can prevent this from happening.
2. In order to prevent the instantaneous voltage of power supply from being too high in various applications, the chip voltage withstanding value of GS8208 is very high. In the case that the lamp beads do not heat and burn out, you can test the pressure value of the lamp beads by yourself. At present, there are already products imitating GS8208 on the market, but their reliability will be questionable, reducing the withstand voltage value and reducing the cost is a mistake they made.
3. GS8208 uses the function of standby data line, because the lamp bar will be squeezed a lot in the process of production, transportation, installation and use, resulting in individual solder joints and connection loosening, thus affecting the signal. With standby data lines, even if individual LED beads burn out, it will not affect signal transmission, which is very important in various large concert occasions (concert photos). But for this backup data line transmission mode, there are also differences in implementation. GS8208 will continuously detect two data lines and find out the good receiving data, so any virtual welding and signal interference will not affect the normal transmission of signals. But most of the products on the market that imitate our backup data line transmission mode are simple power-on data 1. Once data 1 is virtual welded or disturbed, it will be transferred to data 2, and it will never come back. This method of standby data line will be very likely to not work, which is why many Chinese engineers chose our products later.
4. Stability and reliability are difficult to detect in common laboratories, but when we design our chips, we consider these problems. LED beads have been tested by thermal and cold shock when they are manufactured, so they can be distinguished in long-term use.
5. Our engineers are really very thoughtful. GS8208 is only one of our most interesting products. At present, we are promoting the DMX512 inner-sealed bead scheme. Later, I will list the parameters specifically. I believe you will be interested in testing.
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