Release Vixen 3.4 Update 4 now available


Senior elf
Feb 15, 2014
Below is a list of Improvements and bug fixes that have been added to Update 4.
If you have installed Update 3 then you should install Update 4 as it fixes a couple of issue that were introduced into Update 3.

There is a couple of good improvements, mainly with the Meteor effect (works better on groups with strings under it for example Meteor tubes, Arches, or candy canes. Also added x and y offset for the Lipsync images.

Two new videos on the Vixen Lights Software YouTube channel showing some of the improvements and fixes.

Release Notes - Vixen 3 - 3.5u4 Release

** Improvement
* [VIX-2177] - Text positioning
* [VIX-2500] - Workflow improvements - improve starting name and file location handling
* [VIX-2539] - Add ability to add positioning to images in matrix lipsync effect
* [VIX-2609] - Play LipSync phrase/word
* [VIX-2613] - Add a color change layer mixing filter
* [VIX-2614] - Meteors doesn't work properly for linear display

** Bug
* [VIX-2610] - The Random and Rainbow options only show red colors.
* [VIX-2611] - Gradient across items in Wipe effect not working correctly.
* [VIX-2612] - The Mask and Fill setup window does not properly initialize the current state of the requires mixing partner checkbox.
* [VIX-2616] - Vixen crashes on Papagayo import when file is incomplete