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Came to see your display tonight about 9:15 like we do every year. Just an FYI that your FM broadcast wasn't working when we came past - the radio searched to the frequency implying something was sending, but it was only static playing.

Hi Shane, Thanks for the call out. I had time issues this year along with a few problems and did not fire the show up till last night, I was just running patterns when you can past.
:thumbsup:All good, just thought I'd let you know in case you weren't aware.
We'll be back in the next few nights to see it in action - yours is on our must-see list every year :D
Any Aussies that would like to order from Gilbert Engineering. I have heaps of space left in my shipping carton. And would be happy to forward your items onto you once they arrive. You just pay your portion of the shipping. Let me know so I can get back to Christina whether to go ahead and forward shipment or hold off if anyone is interested
Have you received the fix ?? should have arrived today as were sent by express post. Hope they did.
Oh wow! I've been reading about this issue and thought I would have to make something instead.
Hello again,
Received today the "fixs" for the receiver boards you purchased from me.
If you can email me your address again (never kept your address) I will post them to you ASAP.

Greg Burton
Very helpful. If you have any xlights problems, make sure you distract her from trying to make her own light display to help you.