ACL Bugs

Design and functionality issues are documented on this page. If you spot any add them below.


  • Lack of previous/next control for news headlines
  • [FIXED] Missing avatars
  • [FIXED] Search broken - missing index
  • [FIXED] After replying to a post, it redirects to the parent section (not the thread you were just in)
  • [FIXED] In-line attachments functionality missing
  • [FIXED] In the stats at bottom of page, it just says "7:" (for example) instead of "7 users in chat"
  • Clicking "New" in thread title doesn't take you to the new content (goes to first post) <- cannot reproduce this bug?

Example 1. The following links are the thread title and the new button respectively:​
Both take you to the first post in that thread.​
Example 2. The following links are the thread title and the new button respectively:​
These each take you to the first and new posts as expected.​
The first example seems to have a bad URL - the "msg0" bit seems to be the problem.​
* Does this occur on new threads or threads that existed prior to migration? It could be that the data which records which posts are read did not get imported correctly.​
  • [Workaround] Youtube links with https:// do not convert to an embedded video player.


  • [FIXED] Logout button doesn't work when chat isn't in popup <- Popup function turned off, replaced with new full screen window, and logout function changed to redirect back to forum.
  • [FIXED] New Topic announcements not functioning.''
  • [FIXED] New Topic/Reply announcements are shown when originating from the admin forum <- posts from admin forum are now ignoreed.
  • Can have more than one chat window open - bug or user issue?
  • [FIXED] Personal /name options to be added back in
  • [FIXED] Sometimes whispers weren't showing up in Internet Explorer which caused the new whisper sound looped indefinitely.


  • [FIXED] YouTube and Vimeo video player not working in Internet Explorer
  • [FIXED] Incorrect name under main logo
  • [FIXED] Need to enable pdf uploads
  • [FIXED] Google maps not functioning since migration
  • [FIXED] Navigation links in the new ACL Seamless skin would sometimes point to an incorrect URL

  • [FIXED] Background images stretch sideways in Internet Explorer 8
  • [FIXED] Video player does not open in the popup window but points to a new window
  • [FIXED] Loading of Vimeo videos slow
  • [FIXED] Previous/Next arrows cover essential video playback buttons
  • [FIXED] Video player remains open unless the X button is pressed (clicking anywhere outside of video will now close video player)

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