Chat Commands


Status Commands

CommandAlternative CommandsStatus Message
/online/backClear status. Also clears custom chat nicks.
/bossboss is watching
/brbbe right back
/coffeegetting Coffee
/decorate/decoratingReceive strange looks from the neighbours while decorating
/drink/drinkingsearching for refreshments
/dunny/bathroomBathroom break
/food/eatingGrab a bite to eat
/grinch/teardownMake like a grinch and undo Christmas
/home/domesticdomestic duties
/lurk/lurkingLurking in the shadows
/meetingIn a meeting
/phone/callOn the phone
/sequencingBusy sequencing
/snack/snackingRaiding the fridge
/solderingBusy solidering
/shopping/shopsBuying more lights
/showtime/displayAdmiring their display efforts and think of next year's changes
/sleep/sleepingGrabbing some shut eye
/work/workingActually working
/personala personal status set by ACL - only a select few have one

Other Commands

  • /roll - Roll dice (chat game)
  • /rockpaper <name> - Play Rock Paper Scissors (chat game). ChatBot will be substituted if no name is given.
  • /msg <name> - Private message somebody called <name>.
  • /nick - Temporarily change your username (use /online or /back to clear it).
  • /action - Send action/me text to the channel (<name> is doing something).
  • /christmas (or /december) - How many days there are until December. Just in case you needed a little nudge to pick up the pace!
  • /halloween - Days until halloween, just in case that's your thing, too.
  • /clock (or /time) - The current time in eastern Australia.

Chat Tips

Font Colour

It is possible to choose font colours other than the default (usually black). The font colour will revert back after each message. If you want to keep the custom font colour you'll need to go into chat settings
(screw driver & spanner icon) and enable "Persist font color".

Embed images


To share images with other chatters, you'll first need to upload the image you wish to share to a file hosting service like Dropbox, Imageshack, Photobucket, etc. To embed the uploaded image in chat, wrap the URL with tags. Example: [​IMG]


Chat now supports sending browser notifications for private whispers. This can be turned on in chat settings
(screw driver & spanner icon). The first time you receive a whisper after activating this setting you will be asked whether you wish to allow AusChristmasLighting to send notifications. Not all browsers support notifications.

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