Feature Comparisons

The following tables shows the main features of the list boards to give an overview of the most appropriate ones for your situation.

All of the DC and AC controllers shown (first two tables) have integrated controller & output drivers.

+ DC Controller Comparison Table
ManufacturerModelPre-builtDC VoltageChannelsChannel CurrentTotal CurrentProtocol(s)Total PricePer Ch Price
Light-O-RamaCMB16D (site)Yes5V - 60V164A20A per 8 ChLOR, DMX$119.95$7.50
Light-O-RamaCMB16D-QC (site)Yes5V - 60V164A20A per 8 ChLOR, DMX$99.95$6.25
Light-O-RamaCMB24D (site)Yes5V - 30V244A30A per 12 ChLOR, DMX$109.95$4.58
Audio Visual DevicesDC48 DiscontinuedYes12V - 36V482A20A per 24 ChDMX$209.00$4.35
Hanson ElectronicsAAHmega60 DiscontinuedYes5-40vdc605A30A per 15 Ch. 120A per boardDMX$AU250.00$4.17
Hanson ElectronicsDMX36Yes5-35Vdc365A30A per 9 Ch. 120A per boardDMX$AU130.00$3.61
Hanson ElectronicsDMX18Yes5-40Vdc185A30A per 9 Ch. 60A per boardDMX$AU100.00$5.56
Hanson ElectronicsDMX2-18Yes20-40Vdc182A15A. 2 wire/2 channel stringsDMX$AU100.00$5.56
Hanson Electronics2811DC15Yes5-35vdc153A30A per board2811 Pixel$AU40.00$2.67
Hanson Electronics2811DC30Yes5-35vdc303A30A per board2811 Pixel$AU60.00$2.00
Hanson Electronics2801DC15Yes5-35vdc153A30A per board2801 Pixel$AU43.00$2.87
Hanson Electronics2801DC30Yes5-35vdc303A30A per board2801 Pixel$AU63.00$2.10
Hanson ElectronicsPI36 (requires a PI)Yes5-35vdc363A30A per bank (2 of)E1.31 or standalone$AU120.00$3.33
RITAHD-714Yes12V - 24V32A6ADMX$8.95$2.98
RITAHD-712 AKA "Ray Wu 27 Channel"Yes12V - 24V271A15ADMX$44.21$1.64
RITAPX24506Yes12V - 24V33A9ADMX$22.32$7.44
RITARA-DMX-12cYes12V - 24V122A15ADMX$27.00$2.25
AdvatekVortex 16 DiscontinuedYes5-30vdc482A4A/3Ch 30A/8ChDMX, RDM$149.95$3.12
wjohnDMX3No9-35vdc32A per Chnup to 6ADMX$9.00$3.00
wjohnDMX16DCSSRNo12-24vdc162A per Chnup to 10ADMX$48.00$3.00
wjohnREN64No9-35vdc642A per Chnup to 7A per SSRRS232, DMX$48.00$1.00
RenardRenard 48LSDNo9-24vdc48600mARS232, DMX$48.00$1.00
TigerDMXTigerDMX48 DiscontinuedYes9V - 55V482.5A30A per 24 ChDMXN/AN/A
TigerDMXTigerDMX120 DiscontinuedYes12V - 36V120100mADMXN/AN/A
Falcon ChristmasF16V2-R DiscontinuedYes5V - 36V1630A5A per 16 ChE1.31, DMX$200$12.50
Falcon ChristmasF16V3-RYes5V - 36V1630A5A per 16 ChE1.31, DMX$200$12.50
Falcon ChristmasF4V2Yes5V - 36V420A5A per 4 ChE1.31, DMX$120$30
Falcon ChristmasPiCapYes5V - 25V220A5A per 2 ChE1.31, DMX$35$17.50

+ AC Controller Comparison Table
ManufacturerModelPre-builtAC VoltageChannelsChannel CurrentTotal CurrentProtocol(s)Total PricePer Ch Price
Light-O-RamaCTB16PC (site)Yes120V / 240V1610A20A per 8 ChLOR, DMX$155.95$9.75
Light-O-RamaCTB32L (site)Yes120V / 240V168A20A per 8 ChLOR, DMX$219.95$13.75
RenardRenard SS8No120V / 240V84A15ARS232, DMX
RenardRenard SS16No120V / 240V164A15A per 8 ChRS232, DMX
RenardRenard SS24No120V / 240V244A15A per 12 ChRS232, DMX
RenardRenard 16No24V - 240V164A15A per 8 ChRS232, DMX
RenardRenard 24No24V - 240V244A15A per 12 ChRS232, DMX
RenardREN64No24V - 240V644A7A per 4 Ch SSRRS232, DMX-


Light-O-Rama sell a number of Christmas lighting controllers both in kit and assembled form. Whilst every LOR controller will run under the proprietary LOR protocol, many of them will also work with a DMX signal too.


Hanson Electronics


Advatek Lights

Falcon Pixel Controller

wjohn (Christmas in Melbourne)


All the DMX devices may need the DMX Start Address set if you have multiple devices on the same DMX Universe


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