DMX Start Address

DMX Starting Address

This may also be termed the DMX Start Channel.

In the commercial lighting industry and the entertainment lighting industry a piece of equipment that receives DMX Data and responds to it is known as a DMX "Fixture"
There are many types of DMX fixtures, but just to name a few
Dimmers: Used to control and dim traditional lighting like PAR Cans. Christmas Lighting Controllers would nearly 100% fall into the Dimmer type. Dimmers could have from 1 channel to hundreds of channels, dimmer racks are often 16 channels and large count Christmas Light Controllers have many different sizes.
Scanners: These are actually intelligent fixtures. Scanners do not move like moving head lights, but instead have a moving mirror. Sometimes called moving mirror lights They usually have the ability to: 1. mirror pan; 2. mirror tilt; 3. colour wheel; 4.gobo; 5. strobe; And sometimes: 6. pan/tilt speed; 7. frost/effect; 8. dimming; 9. focus; 10. iris.
Moving light/ Moving head/ Moving yoke: Most common of fixtures, yet also most expensive as up to $25,000. They usually have the ability to: 1. pan; 2. tilt; 3. pan fine; 4. tilt fine; 5. gobo; 6. gobo rotation; 7. frost; 8. dimming; 9. focus; 10. iris; 11. strobing; 12. prism; 13. prism rotation; 14. effect one; 15. effect two; 16. framing.

So using the term fixture, it can be seen that any fixture will consume a certain number of channels.

A 16ch fixture would use 16 out of the possible 512 channels and may start at channel 1 or any other channel chosen.


TigerDMX120 - 120 DMX Channels
Lynx Freestyle - 128 DMX Channels
LT6803 Pixel Controller - 384 DMX Channels
TigerDMX48 - 48 DMX Channels
RGB Floodlight - 3 DMX Channels

Some fixtures may use variable numbers of channels depending on their configuration. A TP3244 Protocol Bridge Pixel Controller will use from 3 to 510 channels

Fixtures do not need to be in order on the cable, but it is worthwhile keeping a sheet or spreadsheet on your Start Address Assignments.

Lets show a mythical setup.

Start AddressChannelsLast ChannelFixture Name
9716112Lynx DC16
11316128Lynx DC16
129128256Lynx Freestyle

So how do you set a starting address, well this varies from fixture to fixture so I will only deal with the Lynx Equipment.
See DMX address setting

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