The Stellascapes E16 is a pixel controller with 16 pixel drive outputs for connection to pixel strings or strips.

It has an Ethernet (RJ45) connection that accepts E1.31 (DMX over IP).

Initial Access

For this example, we'll assume that the E16 is plugged into your local network and it has the factory settings. That being the case, it's IP address will be the default.

You can access the E16's configuration page via your PC by typing into the web browser address bar. Your network needs to be set up to use the 10.10.10.x range however. This can be achieved be either changing your PC's IP address temporarily or adding a second subnet to your PC.

You'll be prompted for a user name (admin) and password (Sse16) when you go to edit any of the E16's settings. This is where you can set up the IP address, output universes, etc.

Power Connector

Pixel Connectors


DIP Switches

The DIP switch settings are:

  • 1000 - normal operation on configured IP Address (defaults to
  • 1100 - normal operation using forced IP Address (overrides configured address but doesn't reset it)
  • 1010 - test pattern mode

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