Creator of Cameron's Trash & Treasure Christmas Display.

Below is a season by season list of how my interest in making my own Christmas display began.

2011/12 - First season with lights installed outside
Me and my dad decided to make a very simple display with some ropelights and a 3D motif star decoration. Most of it was on the back deck and not visible from the street with the exception of 2 ropelights and a reindeer.

2012/13 Tried to go bigger but went smaller
Display size is reduced and moved to the front of the shed to increase it's visibility from the street. A red and green Merry Christmas sign is added as a replacement for the 3D star. This display was never taken down and remained exposed to the elements for multiple years.

2013/14 - Up but not on
The now weather damaged display from last season was still installed on the front of the shed but was not used. This display was eventually removed during 2014 when the plastic frame for the Merry Christmas sign finally disintegrated from UV exposure.

2014/15 - Nothing outside this time
No outside display was done for this season although I did use some of the outdoor ropelights, the reindeer and 3D star inside for extra decoration.

2015/16 - Some changes inside but nothing outside
Ropelights, star and reindeer used inside albeit in different locations.

2016/17 - Back Deck Display Returns
This was my first time building any sort of outdoor display on my own. Very basic with only 2 ropelights and the 3D star being used.

2017/18 - Some changes but not many.
This display was pretty much identical to the previous season but with the addition of a string of solar powered fairy lights running along the backyard fence.

2018/19 - Moving upwards
The 2018/19 season marked the start of what would eventually become the foundations for my annual Xmas display. During this season, I moved upwards and decided to hang lights on the gutters of the lower roofline and an icicle string along the edge of the rer balcony.

2019/20 - Reaching new heights
This is the season where my passion for Christmas lights really took off. It was the first year I was allowed to climb onto the roof and hang lights on the upper level gutter. This accomplishment made my display the largest display in the street. The display that used to be in the backyard was moved around to the front yard to further enhance my display. I also got my first inflatable decoration during this season.

2020/21 - Started but never finished
This season didn't have much of a display because the stresses of Covid-19 coupled with my Autism and ADHD had caused a big decline in my mental health which led to a loss of motivation less than half way through setting up the display. A few months later I was diagnosed with Depression which was probably another contributing factor in the loss of motivation.

2021/22 - Largest display in the street!
The 2021/22 season had marked the next big milestone where my display became large enough to attract visitors. My display was also the largest in the street and it had plenty of new additions.

2022/23 - Biggest display yet!
The display for the 2022/23 season faced a massive obstacle, preparing the house for sale in 2023. Originally my parents wanted the rooftop and gutter portion of my display omitted so they could repaint and clean the gutters but they reversed their decision when they realised how important the display was for me and that I wanted to do something for the final display at the current house. This allowed me to pursue my longtime childhood dream of having a Santa sleigh and reindeers on the roof.

Watch this space for the next installment of my story.
Oct 16, 2000 (Age: 22)
Victoria AU


No fancy controllers for my display. An old school mechanical timer, multifunction fairy lights, extension cables and a matrix of powerboards works for me. Never goes obsolete and requires zero programing knowledge.


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