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Due To CoronaVirus and it being started in china i have not ordered anything since the spike and i will not be ordering from ray wu if there is a way from ordering stuff such as pixels from america only then please send me links i am afraid of ordering goods from china amid this cxorona virus if i cant order thing the display this year will be cancelled :(
Hello Keith -

I understand from Mark_M that you have code for Arduino that allow it to revcieve xLights data in real time? I would be very interested in knowing more about that. I am building a light rack that simulates a sunrise/sunset ovre a model railroad. Part of the requirement is to raise and lower three window shades using three stepper motors.
This is the main code Keith has posted. I would suggest becoming familiar with Arduino C+ variant and learn how xLights sends data for the Arduino to process.
Hi Miked, we enjoy seeing your displays every year. Just wondering what pixels you use? Are they 5v or 12v or a mixture of both?
Hi Albrador, sorry for not replying sooner. Have not been on the forum for a while. Glad you enjoy the lights. Get all my pixels from Ray. The mega tree and C9s are 5V with all the rest 12 V.