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Hi Miked, we enjoy seeing your displays every year. Just wondering what pixels you use? Are they 5v or 12v or a mixture of both?
Hi Albrador, sorry for not replying sooner. Have not been on the forum for a while. Glad you enjoy the lights. Get all my pixels from Ray. The mega tree and C9s are 5V with all the rest 12 V.
Thanks, Email sent as well.
payment can be made via PayPal to golbach.john@gmail.com
What’s your address to post to?
Sorry I put it on the other page
Work address
Paid to your PayPal as a send money so you get the full amount.
Something went sideways.
ATTN Aaron
“Ports North Workshop”
13 Wharf Street
Cairns Qld 4870

welcome - read the 101 manual - great way to get confused - but filled with lots of stuff that makes sense after a while :)
Hi Keith
Hope you don’t mind me seeking your opinion on something. It isn’t a technical query as such, but more a recognition of the depth and breadth of your overall knowledge of the industry. I am Perth-based member of ACL and recently met with another Perth-ite Cranzy who recommended I touch base with you. Is there an email address I can use?(the character limit makes it difficult to use posts). Thanks Tony.
Is there anyone in Perth that runs tutorials or mentors newbies? Just started out and done a basic layout but have no idea what link it all together