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Hi dpitss, I was looking for some fuse box on the website and came across your name for Falcon F8-distro fuse board. Would you have any idea where can i buy few falcon f8? Looking forward to hear from you soon.
Please dont post things here ... I dont see them ... Its April 2020 and this is the first time I have seen any of these posts. Some of them are 3 years old.
Due To CoronaVirus and it being started in china i have not ordered anything since the spike and i will not be ordering from ray wu if there is a way from ordering stuff such as pixels from america only then please send me links i am afraid of ordering goods from china amid this cxorona virus if i cant order thing the display this year will be cancelled :(
Hi toma122727
Just checked with my son who is a doctor and he tells me that the virus can only survive outside of our body for 12 to 24 hrs.
Based on that info by the time the pixels arrive from China if there was any virus it would be dead.
If you want to be sure let them sit in the box for a week after arriving before opening.
Cool story bros
they are all made in china, so no getting around it. Corona won't survive shipping though, only lasts a day or so on surfaces.