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    How to use existing lights (newbie)

    Thanks for that info... They are 120v true main power as you call them straight plug with a small fuse inline. I was looking at the LOR more for the controller as its more my level as I am not ready for a DIY board at this point, I had also intended to look at using Vixen but will now check...
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    How to use existing lights (newbie)

    Hello all Just found this site about a week ago and have already learned so much. I have been building a static display for the last 5 years and have purchased dozens (close to 100) strings of LED Christmas lights C-6, thinking this was the best way to go. Now I am learning about Controllers...
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    New From BC Canada!

    Hello all I have been building up a supply of LED strings over the past few years and have been building up my static display but now want to take it to the next level. so far just from reading on here for the past week or two has been a huge help.