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    Adelaide/SA 2019 Adelaide Mini Registration - June 15

    Unfortunately, I'll have to tender my apologies for Saturday - another commitment has come up that I can't get out of. It's probably just as well - I'm trying to shake a rotten cold, and much as I'd like to get rid of it, you won't thank me if I give it to you! Dave
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    ACL101 - what's missing from the 2nd revision?

    Here's a screen shot of the E6804 setup web page. Null pixels are defined in the Output Configuration section. In this example, 3 of the 4 outputs are in use - there are 2 null pixels on the 1st output, 3 on the 2nd, and 5 on the 3rd. The E682 has 16 outputs organised in 4 groups. While there...
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    Hi from Two Wells

    Welcome to ACL. I'm also in Two Wells (Dawkins Road) and happy to talk lights any time. For a few reasons - busy year and lots of distractions - my display didn't go up this year, but I'll be back for 2018,
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    Power Control PCB For ACL Mk3 Strobe Strings

    Got mine today. Thanks David.
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    [Expired] Ebay Australia: 18% off until 10pm tonight - what Christmas bargains did you buy?

    All I can say is DAMMIT! - anything more and there'd be a lot of hohoho's :(
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    Power Control PCB For ACL Mk3 Strobe Strings

    I'll take 2 please, David.
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    Good to see you back, Alan.
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    The Great DIY Arduino Controller Project

    Could have an application in Am-Dram theatre lighting.
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    Anet A8 - Cheap 3D Printer

    Probably something to do with the volume of red wine that passes through them ;)
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    Adelaide/SA Adelaide 2017 mini 17th-18th June

    Yeah, ditto to all of the above - excellent weekend!
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    Arches - LDPE Tubing

    Check this post on the other thread - $120 per 30m roll, at Edinburgh North.
  12. Mistletoe and Wine by Cliff Richard

    Mistletoe and Wine by Cliff Richard (2016)

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    3D Print Designing Software

    I haven't found anything yet that I couldn't design in Tinkercad.