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    Adelaide/SA Adelaide Mad March Christmas Lights Barbeque

    I'm in thanks Ralphy. I have gone it alone until now , but it's time to meet other people with the same interest to share ideas,experiences and get some advice from those who have been in the game longer than me. Cheers Adam
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    Gutter Clips

    What about the good old cup hooks? I use 25 mm ones screwed into the conduit every 750mm and just hook them over the lip of the gutter profile. Easily removed for storage .
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    20mm conduit for ws2811 bullets

    No Problem @ Helty. If you need fittings you can use 20 mm pressure pvc type but there not overly cheap
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    20mm conduit for ws2811 bullets

    Aren't most standard conduit lengths 4m? I prefer the the Telstra 20mm conduit which is a larger diameter ,maybe the same as 25mm standard , comes in 4.5 m length and is white. Probably worth asking the question
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    Soldering strips - what size wire?

    Agreed tin your wires and use something with a little weight like a pair of pliers or in my case a garden full of river pebbles
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    Lawrence Drive Lights MegaTree Build

    Really liking your posts , pictures and videos. They are well detailed and giving me lots of inspiration at the moment and Christmas has only just past.. I also use as much left overs as possible but a bit more caveman style which still gets good feedback from the viewers , but hopefully this...
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    Falcon F16v3 & F48 E1.31 pixel controller 2020 interest thread

    I will jump on board for a F16V3 and F16V3 expansion when it's open for sure
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    Thank you AusChristmasLighting members!

    Yes that was me. I have tried to go it alone until now, but I needed to see what's required to take things to the next level. Geez what an eye opener !!!
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    Thank you AusChristmasLighting members!

    Thanks again Daryl for taking the the time to show me your display. Not only was it amazing,but you really did give me some valuable advice and inspiration for next year. Cheers
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    Lawrence Drive Lights - Arch Build (Air Seeder Tubing with Square Pixel Nodes)

    Great idea for bracing arches. Personally I find the air seeder hose naturally creates its own arch, so I just chose a diameter I liked and screwed some hex head screws through some 300mm steel edging pegs diagonally on the feet at each end. I might just use those conduit glands for another idea...
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    Hi there from Sheidow Park SA

    Thanks CrazyCatLady. Unfortunately there will be no computer aided display this year due to work commitments ,but I thought I would start with the nuts and bolts at least and hopefully learn from my mistakes before diving in next year
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    Hi there from Sheidow Park SA

    Hi there Heath i can see your street from my place as I am above up on Spinnaker. Hoping to be ready in a couple of weeks. Look forward to checking out your display
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    Testing ws2812b with arduino issues

    Thanks @SmartAlecLights i will give it another shot with fastled.
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    Testing ws2812b with arduino issues

    Ok so my first foray into pixel strip has hit a road block in the space of 2 days. Now fortunately I ordered 2 rolls of Ws2812b so I still have a spare roll to play with and a sp103e for plug and play option. Whilst the controller works fine ,it hardly blew my mind and was looking to get some...
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    Hi there from Sheidow Park SA

    G'day there folks, my name is Adam and after watching a few YouTube videos I think it's time to do me some Christmas lights. I have been tinkering with dumb RGB for about 8 or so years now doing my own largish led panels,infinity mirror coffee table. I got some 6803ic last year and they started...