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  1. Lights of Christmas

    Lights of Christmas (2019)

  2. Come Alive by Hugh Jackman

    Come Alive by Hugh Jackman (2019)

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    xScheduler not displaying a Playlist panel properly

    I just had the same issue. Rolled back to 2019.64 and it is fixed. Tried the /w switch but it did not work.
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    Any advice welcome

    How are you sending data to your lights ? The lights will be blank until the correct data is sent to them.
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    2018 Camden and local area Global Moderator Tour

    I too received a visit from the guys last night. It is so encouraging being a first year Xlights person, to have such positive feedback. I really do appreciate all the hard work that goes in to making such an amazing software platform that makes me look good. I also appreciate the effort that...
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    ACL Members - Camden Council Christmas lighting displays

    And I had better add mine to this list. Good luck everyone. Please vote for our display in the Camden Council Christmas lights competition. CLICK on the PHOTO and then LIKE. Thanks. Video can be viewed at Youtube on our channel. View...
  7. All I want for Christmas by Mariah Carey

    All I want for Christmas by Mariah Carey (2018)

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    Hello, new member from Sydney

    Stirlo, Let me know if you need a hand. It is a steep learning curve....
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    IP address help

    So you need to set the address to As your PC address is That will ensure both are on the same network range. Pick a new address i.e. Ping it first to make sure it does NOT respond. i.e. Something else on the network does NOT have the address you want...
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    Hello, new member from Sydney

    Put me on your list Keith. I am in Narellan Vale. Would love some constructive opinions on my first setup. I have posted a YouTube video of the first night sequence of the greatest showman to give you a teaser... View:
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    IP address help

    Sounds like the E6804 is not setting the address correctly. What firmware version is on it ? I have read that some of the commands changed with a firmware release. I do not have one of these devices, I just have a good understanding of networks in general. Until you get both your PC and your...
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    IP address help

    OK a few basic network troubleshooting tips. Can you open a command prompt and " Ping ". If you do not get a response then the override either did not work or the device is not connected. If you do get a response then try to ping your default gateway which is probably
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    IP address help

    Have you tried to use the 6 override code to Force a temporary IP address of…..? You will not be able to navigate to the web page until both devices are on the same network address range. i.e. both devices on 192.168.1.*. What is the IP address of the PC you are using ?
  14. The Greatest Show by The Greatest Showman

    The Greatest Show by The Greatest Showman (2018)

    xLights Around The World (2018). Sequence originally by Ryan Kasper-Cook.
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    Up and running for 2018. Kick off Sat 1st 8pm

    Up and running for 2018. Kick off Sat 1st 8pm