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    Just 4 fun .

    This is terrible quality as it was for giggles. ! No longer available
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    Charlie 3D beginnings

    next step is mouth movement and voice ! The geometry is still a bit under weighted , but I can live with that for this hobby . ! No longer available
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    Charlie 3D beginnings

    I am just getting started with the peanuts gang . ! No longer available
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    I put this together in Cinema 4D . There are a host of resources one can draw from to build your own animation . The actual dance moves are captured from MJ's video .
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    Just a test :)
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    Happy New Year From Canada

    Wishing you all the best and be in good health for 2016 !!! Richard
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    Unable to open show export file error

    The Path E:/latest HLS could be the issue ,I always have HLS as the prefix 1st then the ver# when creating seperate . I do not use a schedule so there may very well be something more to it . You can ping Joe Hinkle on
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    Separating Sequences

    You could create an image without effects of the original sequence then using the create new sequence from image feature,create 3 new sequences . You would have to add the audio and effects to each new sequence though .
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    Glass bells
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    Roos quick animate

    Just for ha ha . cheers
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    Do not let a few bad apples spoil the bunch my friend :) Remember that freedom of speech is for everyone whether we like it or not . I have to agree with lizardking (adam) ignore the keyboard cowboys and enjoy the hobby as you have in the past . Your viewers depend on you now and your...
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    Free Software for anyone intrested is 3D animations

    I will start you off then :)
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    A 20 sec. tribute to Sully

    In fond memory
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    OMFT has passed away

    From the little time I have known you Sully , You do not rest . So , to you I say > farewell for now and you had better have a great light display put together up there for us when we arrive . You have always had a head start Sully ! It has been a pleasure to know you . Richard sully
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    10w rgb flood with wirless controller demo

    I think Minleon it Just re purposing /re naming other manufacturers products and marking them up . You are best to buy direct is my advice . The app is Magic Led and ships with the controller . total cost was 20$ These are great little rgb wifi controllers with 4a/channel rating . here...