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  1. Light of Christmas by Owl City

    Light of Christmas by Owl City (2017)

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    Bunnings 30cm solar ball

    Bunnings have a big solar light around 30cm which would be easily made into a pixel. They are our version of the really big light that the US people can get. Similar to these but only $15.
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    Doug's Christmas Lights 2016

    Here is my show for 2016, sorry about the video quality but you will get a fair idea. Enjoy
  4. Dj Rob Reeves Mix

    Dj Rob Reeves Mix (2016)

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    Tune-to controller for P10 panel

    payment sent
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    Announcing the PixLite 16 MKII Controller!

    The pre sale on the PixLite16 MKII boards ended a while ago, but looks like you only just missed the long range pre sale.
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    Mounting rgb strips around window frame outline

    I have just used screw hooks into the timber surrounds of the window. Then zip tie the frame to them & the security screens.
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    Reno the mega tree

    strips not strings, reduced the usage by lots & lots Roy. But don't get me wrong it's still 100amps & 1200watts.
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    Tune-to controller for P10 panel

    That sounds great to me
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    ShellNZ soldering tips

    I have never had any real luck using a sponge. Swapped over to using one of these instead. They are available from Jaycar.
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    I'll grab 5 please Alec, not sure what for but they sound like a price I can handle :) Pick up from Melbourne mini.
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    Mega Tree star

    That is a good looking star, is the main frame box or flat bar? I was thinking I need to change the one I made last year from steel to alloy. Here is a 1300mm tall Bethlehem star, from memory I think it has 180 INK1003 pixels on each side. Still waiting to get a tree to put that on top of....
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    Hi from NZ

    Re: Hi Welcome to ACL Shimmer, it's great to see that you have dove in deep & getting stuck right into making a display. If you keep going at this pace you will be blowing the big guns out of the water straight up.
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    Pixlite16 and bridging to DMX

    Yes it certainly does, I have a couple of them running of my PixLite boards.