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    Who's still doing their display in COVID Victoria?

    I've decided that at this point I'm just putting up the matrix and that's it. Scroll a message to apologise and tell people we will be back next year bigger than ever. Very sad making that decision, but don't want to upset my neighbours by attracting lots of people at this time.
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    Melbourne/Vic Melbourne Mini 2020 Interest thread

    Definitely interested here. I have so many things on this year that I'm going to assume I'll be busy, but if it works out then great!
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    Impressed with displays in Melbourne’s East

    Hello, Thanks for the kind words. Apologies for not chatting longer as I was a little busy with guests and handing out candy canes. Really hoping the neighbours are understanding this year as it has been fairly consistently like the other night. Hope your display is going well, hope to get out...
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    [Possibly Solved] Having trouble with F16v3 dropping off network regularly

    Edit: So I was only powering from the little connectors on the side (as I'm not using the first 16 ports yet) and I noticed the voltage drop everytime I loaded up the unit with packets. Ran a large cable and plugged into V2 and moved the jumper. Now it seems to be good, at least so far. Hurray...
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    Hi from Melbourne

    Welcome, take it all in for awhile and read the 101 manual when you get a chance.
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    Hi, Christophe from Melbourne

    Welcome Christophe, Darylc is the man to talk to about falcon boards in Australia. He usually will run a group buy early each year. That way people have time to build the props and control boxes to house the boards before Christmas. Regards, Rowan
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    Voltage & Amp Meter

    Looks the same as how I wired mine up. Work a treat. Good luck with it.
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    Another Melbournian

    Welcome, Their are quite a few members that are scattered around Melbourne. If you looking to see someone's setup, just start looking in the display location section and then message people to see if they are able to help you out. Myself, I am in Chirnside Park if your local to the area. While...
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    Melbourne/Vic Melb 22 June dinner

    Sorry I couldn't make it to dinner. Got caught up sorting out family bits and pieces.
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    Melbourne/Vic Melb 22 June dinner

    If it's not too late I'll tag along for the dinner. Always good food at any restaurant on that street.
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    HP server psu breakout boards

    I have some that I got from the USA if you are interested. Think they cost me about $22 AU each. Could ship from VIC up to you if your interested. Can't seem to find address I ordered from ATM, I'll keep looking and let you know.
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    Dead to Death Pixels

    You could get yourself a bed of nails type alligator clip and use that to clamp onto the data cable before each pixel. This is assuming the ground and 12V still run through them all as original. Could make testing easier. That said I agree that all strands that got plugged into 120V would be...
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    What's your background? (you mean there's more to life than blinky?!)

    Hi my name is Rowan, and I have been coming to ACL for the last 5 years. <Hi Rowan> I have made great strides with my CLAP. I am able to limit talking about it to family and friends to mostly November and December. <polite applause> But Seriously, I didn't complete Electronic Engineering at...
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    Interference with TV reception

    That might not be as silly as it sounds. If you wrap up one of the control boxes in foil and then earth the foil, you could determine if the interference is coming from within the box or from the cable/pixels of the string. Don't know if that will help resolve issue, but at least you'll know.
  15. Nighttime Display 2013 Star

    Nighttime Display 2013 Star