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    Dumb things we've done...

    Pinewood derby cars That brings back some memories!!! Making my own car, and assisting :P my son make his Bert-nc
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    Coxie's Christmas Lights 2013

    Have you posted a how to for the Merry Christmas sign previously. Like the looks of it. Bert-nc
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    Sean Status ; 3 weeks after my quad bypass

    Great news about how well your recovery is going. Hearing about how the scouts came and finished your kitchen project is a celabration of your work with the scouts. I know they look forward to when you can be back full throttle with them. That is the encouraging story for today, as the radio...
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    First Mega Tree

    that looks great video and details are needed that makes me want to do a pixel tree, will have to be next year, but I like the looks of it. bert-nc
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    The path that lead to this !

    I agree. Very Nice indeed. bert-nc
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    Some days?!? Just letting off steam

    a great country song maybe, but not the perfect country song. there is no mention of trains, prison, pick-up trucks, or being drunk. reference to an old David Allan Coe song. bert-nc
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    all this info has turned my brain to mush

    thanks for the info. Right now I think I am going to go with running two different applications on my show computer. One for the renards (Vixen), and another for the pixels. However as the year progresses, and systems and hardware evolve, that could change. Thought about the e1.31 bridge, but at...
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    all this info has turned my brain to mush

    have been doing a lot of reading of different threads looking for info so I can add some pixels to my 2013 display. my display will have ac controllers, renard ss16's and renard ss8"s plus a renard lsd48, plus "dumb rgb strips, which I can run from the renlsd48, and was wanting to add the...
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    from thinking to building

    I know that the season will soon be winding down, and the task of taking down and storing your display will soon start. You may already have ideas for next year. So when does the process go from thinking about an addition for next year, to actually buying the supplies, and the actual building of...
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    Driver's 2012 Display - Bald Hills (Brisbane)

    Excellent job!!!! bert-nc
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    Interest Thread - RGB 12 LED 5050 Strip - Closing april 22nd

    bert-nc bom3--15 if not to late
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    Interest Thread - RGB 12 LED 5050 Strip - Closing april 22nd

    Re: Interest Thread - RGB 12 LED 5050 Strip Is there a time frame for this buy to end? bert-nc
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    noticed you mentioned 500mm light strips, but is that the length of the arm they are mounted to? 500mm comes to about 20 inchs if I done my math correctly. and I know there is a little extra length on both ends of the arms. they just look bigger than that in the picture. was thinking of...