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    mysolarled (China based)

    l have bought many sets of lights from kelly at mysolarled over past few years but.......... yes there always is a but, 2 years ago l bought $800 worth of strings (keep it under $1000)and the postage was about around $600 last year another $700 dollars worth and the postage was about $650...
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    l don't get it

    daemon , when we put our order in to china l made the offer for others to come in on the buy, but l got canned for it , do l have specs or photo's or other stuff so thought stuff the lot of them and did it on my own. as mentioned each 100 led string worked out to be $9 per string when the dollar...
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    l don't get it

    l don't get it, constantly l hear about guys asking were to get strings of lights from , and u all persist in buying crap lights from big w , kmart or target when many times several of us have posted contacts and web address's of suppliers from china, l have bought many sets from there as has...
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    china lights

    hey piersrule u can actually run the dc leds of an ac transformer, all they do is flash on/off at 60 cycles per second and if u have a display that is constantly flashing u will not even noticed. But maybe the flashing will reduce the life of the leds. If u use a 24v ac transformer all u need...
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    china lights

    robbo the 24vdc strings comes with 2 wires on the end , no plugs, the 240v version does come with an australian 3 pin plug. And no the min order of 100 strings can be anything, l had 20 sets of the 240v sets and the rest was a mixture of 5 and 10 m sets and all different colors (they have a...
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    china lights

    dave is correct with the above information, but if anyone is interested mention my name , vic form austarlia and l know she does give a little more discount. As far as pricing goes a 24v dc 100 led string 10m long cost about $9.80 aus landed here and that was when our dollar was 85 us. A 5m...
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    china lights

    now that the season has finished l would like to report on the lights that we bought from china. l bought 150 sets of leds, most were 24vdc version but 20 sets were the 240 volt type. l bought 5 and 10 meter lenghts and all differrent colors and am very happy to report that they performed...
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    2010 Big-W LED String Measurements

    makes u ask yourself why l didn't bye lights from china when the offer was on , they were better quality, better colors and a much bigger and better range, mmmmm , too many experts l think.
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    LED's and Resistors

    this is also a great little site for resistor caculations