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    HP Server 12v 100 Amp Power Supply

    My first Christmas and 1600 pixel megatree was done with these power supplies... good value, particulary if you need a fair whack of currrent. Still use the meanwells for locations that don't need that much current. I ordered two from the USA ebay seller, and one was DOA, so they sent a...
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    Butane Soldering Iron Advice

    I'm tempted to get the Ryobi one from Bunnings, as I have a stack of other Ryobi 18v tools here. Perhaps that might be an option for you if you're looking at getting any other battery based tools.
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    Brisbane/Qld QLD Mini - Ipswich, June 6-7

    Yep, I learnt shedloads last year at the mini.
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    Perth/WA Perth Mini June 6-7th 2020

    same weekend as the Qld mini. :)
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    Brisbane/Qld QLD Mini - Ipswich, June 6-7

    add me in to it as well. I enjoyed the one last year, and I want to check out Geoff's big spinner he made out of sand filter internals. :)
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    Falcon F16v3 & F48 E1.31 pixel controller 2020 interest thread

    smart receiver boards for me, but perhaps a F48 as well. :)
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    Queensland Regents Park

    Welcome aboard, I'm just south of you at Jimboomba, and this year was my first with pixels. I use both strips and nodes, however my first strip had the last 500mm of it DOA, and when I laid my lights out another strip did the same thing. Nodes, from what I've seen only 3 nodes have failed out...
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    Local/AU Show your display - Zoom, Friday 13th Dec

    would have liked to have shown mine, but with megatree broken, wasn't much point
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    Changes to YouTube

    Yep, I suspected I'd have issues with it, but thought I could plead fair use if anything was said, but no point arguing with an outright block like this one.
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    Changes to YouTube

    went to put up my ACDC Thunderstruck sequence, and the video was blocked immediately because YT could detect what it was.
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    xLights sharing: sequences

    how do you convert that to a .gif easily then ? :)
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    All I want for Xmas is some good quality solar powered LED long strings.

    I've had solar powered lights fail within a couple of weeks.... I've even had a set fail the day after I clambered over a tree to put them up, a lightning strike somewhere within a few kilometres killed it.
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    Looking for suggestions

    As DJGra79 said, start early, start small. You'd be doing pretty much what I've done this year, where I've had a 'bigw' lights around everywhere, and have supplemented them with pixel lighting for this Christmas. I have around 3200 pixels, of which 1600 of them are on my mega tree. Once...
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    I have an issue with LED panels in a Christmas light show

    A big PLUS 1 to that. :)
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    G'day Mike here from Brisbane Australia.

    Hi Mike, Welcome to the community. This is my first year at sequencing too, and it's been a steep curve for me too, but I'm starting to learn things with xLights, and making sense of how to do things. Got some of my props up now, including my 6m megatree down here in Jimboomba.