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    Hello Peoples

    NFI is down south of you, I'm up at Jimboomba in the opposite direction. There's a number of us in the SE of Qld that can help you out, you just have to ask. :)
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    I used M6 bolts, and cut aluminium tubing as the stand offs.
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    Mega tree materials.

    too late now as you've got it, but I went with a aluminium scaffolding pole, 48mm x 4.4mm around $90 or so, but a lot lighter but just as strong or stronger.
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    Hi everyone.

    Welcome aboard Phil ! Ummm... I'm not sure I'd be doing a matrix as your first effort with pixels myself. I think I'd be trying to do a section of your display as pixels, then work up from there. Taking in to account it is getting towards the end of September, you really don't have a huge...
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    10mm White Corflute Sydney

    +1 to OzAz Troy is the guy to see, he's only just up north of Sydney if I remember right. I've tried the cut it yourself method, and it's just a pain in the HoHoHo to do, and looks crap... cheaper and easier to buy the corflute cut in to props already.
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    36CH DMX Controller

    I was waiting to see a reply on how to do it, as I'm looking at using a few longs length of 2 wire led's with a dmx2-18 card off of my f16
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    Hi from Canberra!

    As Benslights said, particulary if you haven't opened them yet, you can take them back for a full refund at Bunnings. :) Although if this will be your first year at pixel lighting, it may not hurt to have some of your display using those lights, if not for anything more than filling up spaces...
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    Bunnings 2020 now available!

    Doesn't half of New Zealand live out at Bondi ? :D :D :D
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    Bunnings 2020 now available!

    and a couple of years ago PP (Pre-Pixels), weren't we so excited to see them. :)
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    30 versus 60 LED/m density pixel strips for diffused HDPE PEX Arches

    That's actually not a bad price, with moderate delivery charge.... I remember last year some people where getting charged massive amounts for delivery.
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    G'day from Brisbane

    Welcome aboard, another Queenslander. :)
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    Sorry!! But another arch base question

    if you're going to paint that orange conduit, use the priming fluid you get to solvent cement them up with, as they takes the 'shine' off the surface, and should allow the paint to stick better. :)
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    Sorry!! But another arch base question

    I used 40mm SWV fittings (t-piece and 3 x 100mm or so lengths of the pipe), although it didn't have an inspection hole on the side, I just ran the cabling out through the pipe fitting.
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    30 versus 60 LED/m density pixel strips for diffused HDPE PEX Arches

    I ran 60 pm, and I don't think you'd notice the difference in 32mm air seeder. I'm planning on adding an extra arch this year, but drill holes in the back and put some bullet pixels in to it. I'm thinking with this one much further from the audience, they won't notice it..... looking around 15+...
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    Falcon f16v3 Ready-to-Run vs Pixlite weatherproof units

    wow, 960 pixels over the 16 metre length. I'm assuming your house is very close to the street, hence the desire to have that high definition of 60 pixels per metre. :)