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    Pigtail type - which do you use and what is most readily available

    Ray Wu for me, but if I was starting out fresh, I'd go for the XConnect ones.
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    Hello from another member in Melbourne Australia.

    Welcome aboard pixel lighting. Guessing that you're on a regular residential block, with all your proposed props reasonably close together. F16v3 should be all you need based upon your list of props That said, you may wish to get a differential board (and smart receivers) for the f16v3, so...
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    Installing FPP on Raspberry PI 3B+

    just grab a microsd card of decent quality..... unless you're going to put stacks of sequences on it, you can get by with probably a 4Gb one, but probably the best value ones would be the 16Gb ones. :)
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    Answered RPi-10 No Output to P10 Panels

    5 x 2 p5 Ray Wu outdoor panels on octoscroller didn't work for me... ended up using a v8 colorlight card and LEDvision v7 to configure it up
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    Hello from Brisbane

    welcome to this hobby Holly. I'm also from the SE of Qld, down in Jimboomba.... plenty of us around the SE to help you out if you need it.
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    ABS enclosure power connection

    As it has been said, use a licenced electrician for all of your mains powered stuff. That said, people often use an extension cord with the tail cut off and inserted in to the controller box through a gland, and then to your meanwell psu's.
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    Gilbert Engineering Aussie Bulk Buy

    I'd be interested. Hopefully Troy and GE might be able to come together with some sort of licencing agreement, where Troy makes them over here like the Boscoyo stuff.
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    Length of Pixel strings

    my roofline spacing is 90mm. seems a long way apart until you realise that my house is more than 100m from the road. Why 90mm and not 100mm or more ? ..... pixel spacing is normally 100mm, and I can make them fit in to my drilled electrical conduit. :)
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    Would like help on best place to order meanwell power supplies for australia.

    primarily the confusion created by having different voltage pixels, and the pixels that don't work when powered on, i.e. 12v pixels on 5v power.... I would imagine they wouldn't even light up at that low voltage ? however if the OP decides this is how they want to proceed, then all I can...
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    Would like help on best place to order meanwell power supplies for australia.

    I think the OP needs to work out which voltage he wants to use across his display, be that 5v or 12v first. Splitting a display across 5v and 12v can cause it's own issues, and I don't just mean plugging 5v pixels in to 12v supply either ! :) Meanwell's are great psu's. That said, if the OP...
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    Would like help on best place to order meanwell power supplies for australia.

    I buy mine from , and they get here fairly quickly too.
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    Hello from Brisbane

    That'll work. :)
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    Moving Head Spotlights

    yeah, I figured you'd need a pretty tall one to allow it to point skywards. :) You'd also need a pretty hefty blower and suction fan to move the air around it all too.
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    New Member Hello

    My yard is 36 metres wide, and my house is 100+ metres from the road. I run my mega tree 20 metres from the road, with 50mm pixel spacing. Up on the house I run 90mm pixel spacing. I also run my lights down the front at 30% and up at the house at 40%. Like you, the road at the front is your...
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    Mega Tree Power or Help

    YMMV, but I use a HP 1200w psu for my 24 strand, 100 pixel, 180 degree megatree. Being that you are in the USA, you might find a few HP 750w psu's might work for you. My tree is running on 6 ports of my f16v3, which means 400 pixels per port. I do PI between 200 and 201 pixels, and run at 30%.