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    ACL Members personal websites

    Web Site - (Christmas in San Jose!) Facebook - Always enjoy stealing - - err - - learning things from other folks sites. I am in San Jose, California...
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    LOR version 3.4.0 out now

    Yep - - was really hoping E1.31 was in there - maybe next time...
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    What controller to use??

    Well - - I'm biased, but I also use the Ren48LSD. I use the hard-wired trigger version of the ACL strobe and just supply the power on/off. Worst case they draw up to 100mA (assuming all flash at full power at exactly the same time which is unlikely) each so I use a piece of Cat5 and use a...
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    In the news - 331,038 lights in Canberra

    Now that you mention it, I distinctly recall a truck driver in the US somewhere that had either 1 or 2 million lights in his display - guess he forgot to call Guinness... In either case - it looks like an awesome display there!
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    DMX Splitter

    That's correct - RPM's DMX dongle uses the "standard" pinout with data on 1/2 (orange pair) and ground on 7/8 (brown pair).
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    2 pin immobilisation device

    Great story - way too funny - thanks for that!
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    I would say this is the best Pixel Megatree

    I'm sure MPH would agree with you... ;)
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    Axial LED Strobes

    Looks like a pretty decent power trace there - how many do you reckon can be placed in-line in a string - a couple dozen at least maybe? I like this - just string them garland!
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    RGB 5 Pointed LED Stars

    Those are pretty nice - with a decent lead length between and down to $9-10 in a group buy - that would be very cool indeed... I'd rather they were 12v myself - but - that's OK...
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    My Animated Props

    I'm curious how it "knows" to sing the main vocal versus the chorus (talking about the reindeer) - is there something you need to do on your part to differentiate them?
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    LSP 2.0 is released

    I bought v1.8 on August 2nd 2010 - - just missed the free upgrade - argh...
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    Weatherproofing ACL strobes

    I finally got around to finishing up a batch of strobes and did a quick write-up on it. There's a multitude of ways to do things so this is how I did mine - Hope it's useful to some - don't let those little guys sit in a box somewhere - get them built!
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    Happy Birthday cBell

    Happy B-Day!
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    Weatherproofing ACL strobes

    Nope but I can do that once I get some of the new batch made up. I hate to admit it but I didn't get that far for my 2010 show so I used doubled-over packing tape with a touch of silicon along the wires to seal the entry. It looked completely horrendous close up but I must say it worked...
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    A big Howdy from Illinois, USA

    What part of Illinois are you from? I'm originally from Geneseo near the Quad Cities - great place to grow up!