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    Hello from the central coast

    Showtime december 1st, We Start mid november, especially if we have a bunch of new things, to allow time to get lights up and everything wired and tested, And with the heat and rain it always delays things, And then you have testing and config changes etc to iron out, But happy for a chat...
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    Hello from the central coast

    Gotta start somewhere, I dipped my toe in a few years ago and got hooked lol, Theres 3 of us up at wadalba who do shows, Brad, Troy and myself, Troy also sells the coro products aswell and stocks a bunch of other things, Let us know if you have any...
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    Hello from the central coast

    Hi, Where abouts on the coast, theres a bunch of us up here,
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    Importing a sequence (Need to change all picture locations)

    After you have selected your picture effects, and they are purple (so requires 2 or more to be selected, otherwise it wont show) You can select them manually or use select effects to quickly select them, Right click on the path box in the effect settings window which iv marked with red arrow...
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    Importing a sequence (Need to change all picture locations)

    You can use select effects to select all pictures in the sequence, and then right click on the path box and select bulk edit location,
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    xLights sharing: sequences

    I have done a Wiggles Mashup Sequence, Made it for my little 10 month old who is wiggles crazy, This is my first sequence iv done, so may not be perfect, but would be keen for other to improve and share back, If anyone uses it, please send a video as would be awesome to see, Let me know your...
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    Pixels in parallel yet still addressable

    Ah, yeah interesting, I know theyre sold as indore use, how ya think it would go outdoors? If were cutting off the controller, the rest of the strings might be ok?
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    Pixels in parallel yet still addressable

    Interesting, wonder if there is more to that pcb then meets the eye, The bottom of each string definently arnt connected?? My theory would be, if they are connected then, (thinking the data may run down and back up, and that pcb traces it to the next string, so that the data is all in series)...
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    Santa Radar ideas

    Does it have to spin both ways freely, maybe a one way bearing?
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    overlapping nodes

    I had a bunch of new warning (i think they are new as didnt notice them before) but was due to having submodels added to groups that i dont beleive i added before, so maybe check your groups to make sure nothing in there is a unintended submodel
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    xLights Scheduler starts MIDI output before beginning a step

    Hi Tammy, best to post xlights issues on the xlights github at
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    Bunnings enclosure - Ezy Storage Waterproof IP67 Storage Box - 18L

    Iv got the 50ltr one for a projector box build, Officeworks also carry them (in clear) where bunnings seemed to only have the smoke coloured,
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    Check my matrix wiring

    Seperate, no need to connect the strings together,