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    Nutcracker: Online mini conference tonight 7pm. Nutcracker 2.0 Tutorial

    I'll be catching the record! Won't be home in time to make it :/
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    Dedicated Pixel based Strobe controller - do we need one?

    I think that all great minds think alike (or copy each other with enough time) A former member did/was going to do this, sounds like an easy good idea...
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    Pixel Circle PCB (6 RGB LEDs)

    Looks good David. Time to dim the lights for the camera to be able to handle the brightness :)
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    DMX splitter

    I'm not going to continue to debate and debacle the fact that what "does" work and what is supposed to happen are two different things. Just because I could drive 120mph in my car doesn't mean I will. Most hobbiests don't have a few hundred to drop on a scope and would rather just have a...
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    DMX splitter

    Going back to the OP's intented question: A DMX source in the middle of a LONG line of DMX cabling in either direction. This application requires a splitter. Or an additional few hundred feet of cabling. If you're up to soldering something yourself, you could make something for the $10 mark...
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    DMX splitter

    To chime in my two cents. Disclaimer: I use and sell products for pDMX. pDMX is NOT USITT Compliant. Power Over DMX was never in the DMX wiring spec. Splitting the data as David suggested can work but will place additional load on your drivers. If your drivers stop working, if you have data...
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    Hello from Jacksonville, FL

    Welcome from a bit further south in the Sunshine State, Clermont (by Orlando)!
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    ACL LED Strobe Group Buy Interest Thread - Closing 22nd of April

    I did all of mine by hand, however it was a bit slow. I'd reccomend the griddle method as it's VERY fast once you get the knack of it. Kirk, I would be EXTREMELY careful leaving the boards on your griddle for the entire cooldown cycle. Solder needs to cool relatively quickly for a good joint...
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    My first steps into computer controlled lights

    +1 to using different types of wire for your AC and DC.. heck even a dab of spray paint across the DC stuff serves as a reminder.
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    Hello from Palm Bay, Florida

    Welcome to ACL from Clermont Florida
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    Happy Birthday Chill!

    Thanks guys and gals, truly a great day.
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    Annoying Street Lights

    One story I've heard of and do not reccommend: User opened up access panel to streetlight, found simple wire running from power in ground to light up top, wired a switch in series, turns the light on and off at their choosing. Usual Disclaimer, none of these are smart ideas.
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    j1systems mia

    Praying for your family Ed, Not sure there is much we can do, but if there is, we're here for you.
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    LED controller

    David, I've read a lot about low frequency switching being able to get away without a gate resistor, thoughts on this?