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    Closed ACL Strobe US Shipping Payment Info and Building

    PayPal seems to be happy; hope you are too. \dmc
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    Closed ACL LED Strobe Group Buy - Now Closed

    Re: ACL LED Strobe Group Buy - Payment Thread Closes 30/04/12 Paid -- and, again, thanks for figuring out my slightly bozo requirements. \dmc
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    TPR1 Option 1 vs. TPR1 Option 2

    Eddy and Blink: Thanks for both of your insights. I *thought* Blink's explanation was what I would hear, but I couldn't even come up with the words to make it work. \dmc
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    TPR1 Option 1 vs. TPR1 Option 2

    Could someone explain to me the advantage of Option 2? So you can carry more current (and have a longer string of strobes)? I'd like to just have some strobes go off when the sequence software says, for as long as the sequence software says, driven by a 5vdc controller. So in my application...
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    DMX Splitter

    I believe both the RJ and RPM splitters use the "standard" of DMX on RJ45 pins 1 and 2, expecting standard AT&T T568B wiring (to get the twisted pair on Cat5), with DataA on Pin 1 and DataB on Pin 2. I can't confirm that, though, because DIYC is now down for the fourth consecutive day :( ...
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    ACL Second Giveaway - lucky member draw

    I'm anywhere Annalisa (Crazy Light Lady) is ... \dmc
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    Hello from San Francisco (suburb thereof)

    Hi folks: You may have seen me around some of the other Christmas lights forums -- DIYC, DLA. I have posted a lot about the Sawyer Star, a 64-LED array, which is now a 2011 project. Two-thousand-ten will be my third year for an animated show; I started out with DMX and used the Lynx SSR4/w DMX...