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    Pin out for RGB Strip

    awesome work, thanks Aah
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    Pin out for RGB Strip

    HI All long time no talk. Tried to go to chat, ipad kept kicking me out. I have aquery about the rj45 pin out for the 12 light rgb strip group buy from 2013 Please help Doug
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    Happy Birthday ѕυρєямαη

    Hope the man of steel had a wonderful day.
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    Lest we forget
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    ANZAC Day

    Lest we forget
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    2811 pixel to dc board/s

    Hey AHH, great work Do you have a ball park price as yet
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    Need Help Wiring 5vdc Dump DMX Pixels

    HI Raph Most of us on this forum use the pigtails for the fact that they are waterproof. They can be obtained slightly cheaper from Ray Wu The trick with the 5v stuff is to keep your cable run as short as possible with as large diameter cable as you can, I use .75mm2 cable doubled, which is...
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    Share your storage and workspace ideas

    When I built I had a "floor" put in my ceiling space for storage, This is where most of my gear is stored, except anything that cannot fit into a 400x900 manhole. It is big enough to take most plastic storage tubs and all that goes in the shed is the matrix tree frame, 5m arches and a frame for...
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    Matrix Animator and set up

    I agree with Eddy my viewing distance is about 15m to road. I tested 150 v 50 pixel strips and went with 50 as it suited my piupose. Looking at making an horizontal matrix this year and most likely be the 150 strip for that purpose. Horses for courses. At the end of the day, whatever we do will...
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    Window sizing, in LSP

    Hi Robert I had all sorts of issues with LSP and Win8. In the end I had to revert back to 7. Issues included, LSP locking up, LSP shutting down every time I tried to use a transition and visualiser not working at all Hope you do not have the same issues Doug
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    Testing Hardware in LSP

    Not always user fault with this one, cabn be how the lights were made.2 ways to fix it, one through the controller the other in LSP In LSP right click on the controller and go into configure controller Click on the channels tab and the click the renumber/prefix channels button select the...
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    Meanwell SP-320-5 fan on all the time

    I have a mixture of meanwell and chinese in al voltages I use: 5, 12, 24, 27v I have found that the 5v all have the fans run while the rest generally only come on. I do have 1 chinese 12v that runs constantly
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    Pixel tree specifications

    Wifey found a video on stalkfacebook Quality is not great and the person was standing right in front of the tree, not back the 10m or more where most people view it Lights on Leonie on Vimeo
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    Testing Pixels

    David also does a 1.31 test program. da_E1.31
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    Mini Trees

    Contact Damian at Christmas Creations Here is a link to his mintrees