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    Locked up for the next month ...

    this old tony ; clever and entertaining machining/welding etc similar to AVE Numberphile: coz numbers superhouse TV; home automation Naomi "sexyCyborg' Wu: for Binny Wintergatan: who doesn't like marble machines
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    DMX Wistbands - review and tutorial

    ok I'll bite.. (byte?) why is there Braille? how did you create the file?
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    Sydney/NSW 2019 Sydney Mini- June 1-2

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    Sydney/NSW 2019 Sydney Mini- June 1-2

    oops... i have to place the order by tomorrow 8th May..... so get you orders in quick ! lets say by 5pm tomorrow wed 8th. cheers fing
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    Sydney/NSW 2019 Sydney Mini- June 1-2

    Who wants a Coffee mug? Just the thing for late night sequencing ! Also holds other liquids such as Beer, wine, and silastic ! But wait there's more! Last year I created some coffee Mugs for the Mini ( with Ryans help) This year I plan to donate some more as prizes. (only Sydney). If anyone...
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    New Member from Canberra, Australia

    Welcome to the mad house John, the best idea is to plan and re-plan and plan again, then share your ideas with the other inmates and then plan again..... there's lots of traps for the newbies..:D cheers Fing
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    any ideas on song choices for 2019

    or this one View:
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    any ideas on song choices for 2019

    this is the best carol of the bells View:
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    any ideas on song choices for 2019

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    Options to minimise working at heights for a 2 storey display

    My WHS officer banned me from getting onto the roof at night, so I waited till she was asleep.....
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    Christmas Sparky hello

    Welcome to the mad house never tell the boss what it costs.......just compare it with her shoe spending cheers Fing
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    Sydney/NSW Sydney Mini 2019 looking for a venue

    is it near a pub?
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    Power supply questions

    as a rule we try not to have 240 running around our displays... it doesnt really matter how you set your boards up, just be safe and waterproof
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    Christmas Mega Tree

    my mega tree is on here somewhere as is my presentation from the minis, try Adelaide 2017?
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    Power supply questions

    roughly, a single colour led is about 0.04watt so you can run 60,000 off one powerpoint :D