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    Drones next year anyone???

    I wonder if you could just get two and string a matrix between therm
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    Arch construction help

    I did mine with 38mm air seeder, custom 3d printed foot and fishing line to hold the shape. Stupidly expensive stuff and I did real well to score someone's left overs for a good price. Hah, I bent 7 pieces of PVC to be about that shape just leaving them lying across the rafters in the shed for...
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    XLights Text Effect Not Reading OS Font

    I had some issues on Linux reading os fonts till I installed more font related things
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    What element(s) are you building or installing this week?

    Progress update. 3 coats of rustolium 2x white satin A whole bunch of blue tape 2 coats white night gloss cherry red
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    Any Macbook pro gurus on here??

    I run the linux version in a web browser from another more powerful computer
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    Any Macbook pro gurus on here??

    Oh, I'd love to help but the closest I've come to running it on my macbook is running it in docker, on a server in the house, over novnc :D
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    Mega tree Base

    I have 50mm aluminium pipe, but not conduit, as my base works well enough just be prepared to grab a couple bags of gravel to weigh it down. Roughly where abouts are you I might know someone who unfortunately has a sightly bent out of shape trampoline after recent storms.
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    What element(s) are you building or installing this week?

    I am working on all the things simultaneously... Candy canes, upgrades for the mega tree, power supplies and controllers. The dig uno is on a bracket that slides over a 12v power supply.
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    Hot glue for magnet to 20mm conduit clip

    Sikkaflex is how I stuck magnets to my carport batton lights when epoxy let go on me due to the heat.
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    My Arch Build.

    Thanks for agreeing with me (like, sincerely, it helps validate my theories :D), I have 6 vents and a couple of fans in the mail, I'm hoping I can just get away with convection but fan forced is an option. I can bring the connector temps down by adding more injection points - the beginning of...
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    My Arch Build.

    And after another 15 minutes, everything but the PSU is stable, the PSU is still slowly marching up. I'm not going to lie, I'm a smidge concerned about that 42 degree reading but that could actually be the pixel itself given this time I measured the other side of that power injection point...
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    My Arch Build.

    Two parter because I could only attach 6 files to a single post. This is the result of half an hour worth of testing using the "test" button on the smart differential controller, which I note is running the LEDs much harder than I would be normally (show brightness is around 30%) TH01-A is in...
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    My Arch Build.

    Hi, not sure if this is more of an arch build, a power supply, or a power injection thread so I'm going to dump everything in here :D. My intention is to showcase some preventative checks and measurements so you too can prevent fire :D I've built the 2.5m tube 1.5m arch setup as detailed by...
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    power injecting with cable tee

    All my T's just common all the data, the v+ and the v-, so I just snip the data short at the power supply end of the cable so there's no chance of short.
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    Anyone in W.A. want a MOA mega tree?

    there's one of those lying on the on ramp to the D'aguilar from the Bruce lol