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    A new home (For 10 months) Storage for your investment

    Yea the geckos in my garage crap all over my FX
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    A new home (For 10 months) Storage for your investment

    i have a 3m x 3m shed and for one reason or another the door never gets shut and in 12 years i have had no issues with humidity etc luckily the prevaing weather comes from opposite side of shed to my door lol, but even in some pretty serious rain very little if any actually gets in ive got...
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    Looking for a type of replacement bulb

    what about carefully bend the legs of the LED and remove it from the base, then fit a new LED to the old base? i have done that before on some lights years ago
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    Walk Behind 2017

    yep some serious time and effort gone into that
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    25mm conduit

    might be different for me, Im a sparky with a trade account, so my pricing would be different to over the counter sales
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    25mm conduit

    agreed, i was refering to the 2.50 p/m being over the top in comparison to bunnings , as its double bunnings price even. most wholesalers will do around the 2.50 per 4 m length if you ask the right way
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    25mm conduit

    2.50 per lineal metre is a bit rich for comparrison
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    Update on the animatronic Snowman Orchestra

    OH ok Just some simple DIY laying around the shed stuff then :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh: Nice work very neat indeed
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    Halloween displays

    MIne was a static display but i did have some LED lights in a skeleten ghost thing hanging from a noose in a tree I also had the white crosses lined either side of the grass uplit by rows of LED lights in the grass just enough light to illuminate them and show people the path to the front porch...
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    Ferris Wheel Lighting

    is it possible to run a 12v or several 12v batterys mounted onto the wheel? wireless control and no need for slip rings. batteries can be recharged during the day
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    Skeleton Steamy bath

    now thats cool i like that
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    Anet A8 - Cheap 3D Printer

    worried about anyone who drinks red wine in the shed and not beer or bourbon LOL
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    Simple soldering support for cable joining

    i just twist them together and solder them after not as neat a join but far easier
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    Halloween 2017 prop hunting

    thanks David