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    ACL Second Giveaway - lucky member draw

    Phil, please put me in the running as well. What an "awesome giveaway" indeed! I made my introduction some time back and I believe I mentioned that David Moore was how I found ACL. So David, just in case you win, would you mind letting me have a couple of those pixel strings? ;D
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    RGB Pixel/Modules/Chip Strip Master List

    Thanks for putting this up David! This is extremely helpful.
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    Aussiephil MIA

    I hope you get better real soon Phil!
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    Closed TPR1 LED Strobe - Parts Buy -CLOSED 26th - CLOSED

    Re: TPR1 LED Strobe - Parts Buy - closes Monday 19th Pack 1 - 120 Thanks, Garrison
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    Closed White LED Strobes PCB Only Closes Wednesday 7th July AUST - CLOSED

    Re: Bulk Buy - White LED Strobes PCB Only I would like 120 (3 panels) of these please. Garrison
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    6803 RGB Pixels

    Okay Tabor, now you've got me thinking about an RGB Matrix for my display as well. That looks awesome!
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    RGB String testing

    I am anxiously awaiting the results of your testing Phil! These would be ideal for outlining the roof line of my home.
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    Hello from Albuquerque, NM

    Thanks John, Eddy and Phil for the warm welcome! Oh and John, I'll see about possibly working up some RGB luminarias for you if Eddy's testing of the 6803 pixel strings is successful. Now wouldn't that be something different. ;D
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    Cheap option to the CCR

    Thanks for doing this Eddy. This is exactly what I've been looking for as I really wanted to purchase some of JEC and MPH's RGB strings but couldn't justify the cost. I can't wait to see your results.
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    Hello from Albuquerque, NM

    Hello Everyone, I just wanted to thank David Moore for making me aware of this site threw his posts on DLA and for Phil for making such a great place. I am really interested in RGB and the Tiger controllers seem like exactly what I've been looking for. As DIY is extremely new to me, I hope to...