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    Decrease intensity of whole show

    So I'm the first to notice he's asking about LOR in the LSP forum ;)
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    Nutcracker: code release for LSP and Projects

    64bit version should help out. Currently it's vapor-ware to the public though... :-[
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    P2 RGB GBR conversion

    how's that awesome megatree ?
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    Disaster Strikes

    man that's terrible, it's even worse that you can only look at it and not do anything about it :-\
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    Olivevale Christmas 2012 - Test Run

    Display looks really nice and professional, great job! We use the Gopro's on top fuel dragsters and dyno runs and they do an awesome job. The one thing I personally like to do to get rid of the fish eye is using Adobe Premiere or After Effects to remove the fish eye look--that way it looks...
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    240V LED Rope Light with MFC Dead :(

    if something shorts out at 240 volts, there's more than just a burn here or there like what happens with low voltage. That's why ppl use low voltage due to the bad things that happen at high voltages. I wired my 120v circuit breakers hot in a 240v panel the other day, so I'm not scared, but...
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    240V LED Rope Light with MFC Dead :(

    I've heard they become flaming light rope at 240v :D
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    ShellNZ's show setup...

    awesome job Shell! 8)
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    Nutcracker: Bars effect enhancments

    looks really good Sean!
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    Looking for a direction

    Last In Overrides Pending (LIOP) - each slave has a FIFO buffer that allows for multiple universes to be queued up for transmission by the slave. This can add some latency and is not necessarily appropriate when receiving a burst of packets all destined to the same universe. The current...
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    newest code for ECG-D2, ECG-D4 - v2.6

    I've had the new firmware running for 1 hour now and the keep alive is still working. Using Xlights which doesn't buffer DMX. I attached a screenshot of my settings with the old firmware (which didn't work), but they work great with the new firmware.
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    LSP slow after each command and visualizer not working?

    I've experienced that same thing with that window. I've learned to click the x to close it. For the problems it seems to cause, having it default off would probably fix a lot of performance issues. I just thought my video card didn't care for that window, but if you see the same then it's LSP.
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    Nutcracker: Tutorial Tonight, Nov 1

    it's been cancelled for tonight
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    Nutcracker: Tutorial Tonight, Nov 1

    it's down... smeighan is looking for the guy, but doesn't look good.
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    Power Supply Stopped Working

    PS Fan: 1 Gecko: 0