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    CG-1500 Outdoor Enclosures

    2 for me thanks David.
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    Hello from the Northern Territory

    Hi mate. I'm a Darwin local and have been using pixels since 2012. I started using xLights in 2016. Almost everything I learned was from this forum. It is awesome and the members are super helpful. I'm in the northern suburbs so if you wanted to see any hardware just send me a message.
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    Answered Timing Marks Hotkey Not Working

    All sorted. Haven't sequenced in two years so forgot to select a timing track before doing it. Not sure how I thought it would work without selecting one but there you go. Thanks for the replies! Glenn
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    Answered Timing Marks Hotkey Not Working

    Hi All I know there is an issue with the 't' hotkey in xLights that should be fixed by closing xLights, deleting the xLights_keybindings.xml and then starting xLights again. I can't get it to work at all after doing this so I'm thinking there might be something else I am forgetting. Any...
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    Buy a FM Transmitter in Aus?

    Probably too late but I got one of these cheapies of an Australian eBay seller. Works very well.
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    Possible Bulk Buy Opportunity

    Hi Put me down for [/size]30 PC4 & 30 PC4-HE Thanks! Glenn
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    Mega Tree Flicker & hanging – Xlights & Pixlite 16

    Had a similar issue with some 2811 12V node candy canes that was fixed with a null pixel. Had the same pixel nodes in my stars with the same size cable etc. Stars were fine but candy canes flickered and went crazy. Have no experience with 2801 though....
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    ECG-D4 to DMX Through Xlights Issue **Solved**

    Re: ECG-D4 to DMX Through Xlights Issue Sorry Gil Yeah didn't provide anywhere near enough info in that post. Duh.... Anyway I have been testing using the test tab and my base line test was with my P12R driving heaps of pixels. It was universe 2-10 and tested well. I have just found the...
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    ECG-D4 to DMX Through Xlights Issue **Solved**

    Hi All I am running 5 Dumb RGB Mini Trees on an AVD48 through a port on a ECG-D4. Testing channels 1-15 of universe 1 on da_e131 and it works perfect. I have the same setup in Xlights but can't get any of the lights to do their thing. I have tried different ports on the D4 (and reconfigured...
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    Ordering from ray.

    I was using Trade Manager but have now switched to Skype. If you already use Skype just add Ray by searching for alpha_lighting.
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    AAHmega60 60 channel dmx board complete and shipping

    I got it Tuppetsdad... hahahaha ;D
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    ShellNZ's show setup...

    Looks awesome! I especially love the dueling banjos. Very cool.
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    Lights on Legune - First Attempt

    Thanks for all the comments guys! I'm sure you guys had similar feelings when you first started but I was amazed at how proud I felt the first time I played the show to all my family. An awesome feeling!!
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    Driver's 2012 Display - Bald Hills (Brisbane)

    Yeah, very cool. Brisvegas seems to have lots of quality shows. Great work!
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    Fasteddys 2012 Christmas Colour Show

    Awesome Eddy! Now I want a pixel strip tree. Did you take any photos of the construction by chance. I shouldn't need to copy anything else after this... :P Unless you come up with another great idea of course.. ;D