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    P12S and PPD-C / PPR-A with 12v pixels

    the PP* have onboard 5V converters (at least the ones I have). You can probably check the voltage at the output pins and confirm -- suspect its 5V
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    No Comment

    Re: I felt like such an idiot I've never experienced anything like it. I'm not talking about the resistor mixup. I'm talking about wiring the lights and actually getting ANY light out at all on the first power up. You should be proud of that. Most of us don't get light on the first try :P
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    ECG-DR4 / LSP / renard -- Laggy response

    I'm not using ethercon, just straight renards with LSP. I found the lag, but more annoying was that some of the commands just didn't make their way to the renards. AS you mentioned, most annoying with the "off" commands. I converted the Renards to DMX and magic happened. Everything worked...