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    Back again

    Gday everyone, I'm hoping to make a return to a light show in 2020 after a hiatus of 5 years. I've missed all the smiles and the community spirit our light show generated and all the fantastic people on this forum too. I've tried a couple of times since, but just didn't get anywhere with it. We...
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    Sneek peek new cutout 2018

    All good with me. I'm all about sharing and that's what this is all about. Show us what you come up with. I really like seeing how others adapt and improve on ideas.
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    Sneek peek new cutout 2018

    Thats my prototype/template. It was made with some old used 3mm ply that my son brought home from work. Today I bought some 12mm ply and set about cutting out 4 of them. The video doesn't do it justice. It looks great live.
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    Glue for Coro and other worx

    My earlier coro creations were held together solely with hot glue. Many of those became brittle and parted in some sections after a year or two. My later creations were made similarly to djgra and tacked with hot glue and siliconed (same bunnings variety). None of my later creations done in this...
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    Sydney/NSW 2018 NSW Mini at Picton - May 26-27

    Done. Sorry, I missed the link on the first page yesterday. I think I have a lot of catching up to do. I have a couple of ideas that I'd like to bring to fruition soon. If they look and work alright, I'll post them here for others to check out. If not, they never happened ;)
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    Sydney/NSW 2018 NSW Mini at Picton - May 26-27

    Can you please put me down for both days? I have a lot of catching up to do if I'm going to get a display up this year.
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    Hi from Corrimal NSW

    G'day Grievous, you're going to get a lot of differing ideas, suggestions and opinions. As a starting point, 2811 strip like this LED STRIP is a great start for windows and roof lines. Take a look at the F16V3 Falcon board with a Differential Expansion Board with some Receiver Boards. This...
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    Best cutting tool (large sheets with curves)

    I bought my corflute sheets from Specialised Wholesale & Plastics in Newcastle a couple of years ago. Decent range and decent price. For Victoria, contact Corex ( and ask for local distributor or see if they will sell direct. AllPlastics in Sydney stock a great range for any...
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    New coro presents

    I just threw a quick sequence together in HLS at the time, to show how I could light up each segment or each present individually. Nothing special, that's for sure. Xlights would do this very easily or any of the others I would imagine.
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    Power Supply

    Is there a reason you're changing from 12v on tree to 5v on star? Just curious. If you standardise with 12v, you may find it a little easier when starting out. You'd be able to run all from one power supply too, if you wanted. 470 nodes x .3W would only be 141W. Just an observation
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    Power Supply

    Can you tell us more about your pixels/controller/setup? At a guess, you're using something like this If so, 400 nodes working consumption is...
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    Closed Falcon F16v3 E1.31 pixel controller 2017 buy CLOSED

    Hi Daryl, May I please order 1 x F16v2 differential expansion board with ribbon cable 2 x 4 string differential receiver boards Regards, Steve
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    Delete/remove data layer from converted sequence

    Thanks for the info. I'm understanding it a lot better now. While reading your post I had an epiphany, the easiest thing for me to do is edit my HLS file first, then convert to XL. This will remove the effects I was wanting to remove and give me a better canvas to work with in Xlights
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    Delete/remove data layer from converted sequence

    Okay, I got my HLS sequences converted to XL after some help from Boof (thanks mate), but now I'm struggling to remove some effects/data layer from some of my models. I was advised to add/overwrite with an effect at at the model level and this would overwrite the data at node level. I could then...