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    Ideas on incorporating interactivity?

    I found my answer.... How dissapointing View:
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    Ideas on incorporating interactivity?

    just to revisit this thread @dkulp do you think this > View: is genuinely hooked up to Jon's piano or is the house sequenced to the song and played over to imitate this idea??
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    Wearables, Sequenced lights

    Just ordered a handful of boards, led’s & buck converters! Me thinks stop thinking and start making! Am I best sticking to 4.7 - 5v batteries or should I go with something like 7.2v and step it down?
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    Wearables, Sequenced lights

    Got any more info on your setup? I'm interested in this idea as it needs to be as simple as possible! curious as to if I could use esp32 dev boards and they all sync over wi-fi to a scheduler like Xschedule on network or FPP on a pi??? no idea!! also seen the Circuit Playground board which is...
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    3 Core Cable

    3mm 3 core trailer wiring from Ashdown Ingrams buy in rolls of 30m & 100m
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    Wearables, Sequenced lights

    Thats cool
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    Power Injection Question

    Yes! I would go from power supply to fuse to prop! I also use 4mm twin cable to power inject, this gives me ability to inject many local props
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    Wearables, Sequenced lights

    The neo pixel is cool! A few google searches for controllers come up with esp2866 wifi boards but there is a mine field on it having to be mounted to another pcb to make a pixel stick and others saying direct connect to a node mcu. It’s a bit overwhelming. I just want something cost effective...
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    Hello New here!!

    @Blaze good luck & start reading! I'm sure someone on here can help more than I on the LOR logic and that pixie16 controller setup!
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    Wearables, Sequenced lights

    Hey Legends I've been asked by a local school if this kind of lighting could be used in clothing for dance class??? are there particular led's that would be used here? was looking at the idea of Esp pixelstick controllers on a battery pack and sew on to the clothing, 5v like this one and I'm...
  11. Into the Unknown by Panic! At The Disco (From Frozen 2)

    Into the Unknown by Panic! At The Disco (From Frozen 2) (2020)

    xLights Around The World (2020).
  12. XLATW 2020 - Into the unknown

    XLATW 2020 - Into the unknown

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    Ideas on incorporating interactivity?

    @Nojoy looks similar to Makey Makey! I have one and its cool, great fun making a drum kit with fruit or hooking up to kids dinner with fart sounds when they eat! but my thoughts on this is the need for you to be the conductive loop another words player will need to be barefoot and touching...
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    Xlights layout cleanup

    Hi all Is there any good video demonstrations on best practice to layout elements in Xlights? the more dense my display the more overlaping the layout and difficult to manage! I’d like to go 3D but have no ability or knowledge on modelling my house and yard so think that it far too tedious and...
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    Ideas on incorporating interactivity?

    @AAH Happy happy days! I think option 2 allows for a much easier to configure and (plug & play) design as well as modular for other possibilities! Thanks for all you do @dkulp