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    Melbourne/Vic Victorian mini for 2017 6th-7th May

    i should be able to make it 6/7 may looks free
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    Santa/Siri Intro

    hi would love to have a listen cheers
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    Melbourne/Vic 2016 Melbourne Mini: PlugFest 14th-15th May

    Re: 2016 Melbourne mini count me in
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    Santa's House by the Bigda's 2015 videos

    great work minions.. 8)
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    Can I Steal your Votes

    Done 8)
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    Thank you Xlights team

    awesome job :cool:
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    Shining bright 2014

    nice work 8)
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    Super Steve

    great job super Steve
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    AAHMega60 all sold

    nice work Alan there a great controller and easy to use 8)
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    USB dmx dongles

    nice work alan 8)
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    nice work Richie
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    Big thank you for help with my Display this year.

    A big thanks to Alan (ahh) on my delivery now all you need to do is tell me how it works (LOL) thanks Alan 8)
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    The time has come

    this is the 1 i use
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    Waterproof box for J1SYS P12S board and 2 power supplies

    heath you will need something around this size