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    Another use for tint tubes

    Very nice!
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    ECG-P2 / ECG-D2 Quick Notes

    Received my P2 in the mail yesterday, and finally got a chance to try it out with LOR tonight. Works great! So far I've only tested with a few 6803 modules I had laying around, while I wait for my order of 2811's from Ray to arrive. This is my first J1sys product, and I'm impressed. The...
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    RGB Radio Station Sign

    Very nice, Bill. Great job!
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    Hello from Spring, Texas!

    Hello from Spring, Texas! I apologize as my introduction is long overdue, as I have already read and learned a ton from this wonderful community. I primarily decorate for Christmas, and have had static light displays for several years, and then started animating with a Gemmy unit, while...