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    Debenham family lights - 2016 sequences

    Nice show, thanks for sharing your sequences.
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    Christmas 2016 from Scotland

    Christmas 2016 - Had about 100 people for the switch on, don't know if it was the lights or free mullded wine and mince pies :)
  3. Various - 2016 Display by Various

    Various - 2016 Display by Various (2016)

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    2016 Halloween Light Show - Monsters Got Talent

    Nice to see an original idea. Keep it up.
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    I purchased the Virtual Santa HD, great service and feedback from the guys at Would definitely recommend them.
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    Tune-to controller for P10 panel

    That is a great idea.
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    2015 display from Scotland

    Sent you a PM
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    High Country Lights 2015 Season

    Nice show and tunes. Impressive amount of lights. Congratulations on a great effort.
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    2015 Display Drone Footage- First year away from LOR and incans

    Looking great Dan, got some new ideas for this years show now :)
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    Scotland - what we are really like.

    Hey Firebug, look up a Scottish comedian called Kevin Bridges, he is as good as Frankie Boyle. The pubs shut at 1 am but you can go to a club or casino until the sun comes up.
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    Scotland - what we are really like.

    Hey All, Over the years I have met lots of people from lots of places but no other Scottish people so I thought I would share this link, it highlights 21 unique points that really does sum us Scottish up well. Enjoy.
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    2015 display from Scotland

    Thanks guys, this is the first year that I finally solved the issues with rain getting into the lights, will post a thread on how I managed it.
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    2015 display from Scotland

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    A 240 Volt electric fence. Sorry to hear about your show.
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    "Let It Go" @ Bentonville Heart Lites

    I love it. I really need to sequence earlier next year. Great job.