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    Moving Head Spotlights
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    Moving Head Spotlights

    Hi Guys, I had a 5 moving lights in my display this year. I contacted a local plastics fabricator to get some domes made. I then made some waterproof enclosures for the lights using the domes. Please be aware, the lights that are used in the star wars video which are ClayPaky Sharpies (or...
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    Directional speakers

    I have one of these. They would not be appropriate for the audience to listen to the music your broadcast for your show. They are extremely thin sounding, and quite unpleasant to listen to. They are dangerous to if pointed directly at a person or animal. They are designed to make the sound...
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    Updated P12S, now my tree dont work :( or tests, nothing.... any help?

    I had similar issues, but it only seemed to effect my 2811 pixels. The 2801's worked fine. I ended up rolling back to 3.4
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    PET Strapping for Megatree

    Would you be able to post theSTL file for the jig? If not here over on thingverse. Cheers
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    PixLite 16 with Media Server/Road Hog 4 lighting control console

    Wow.. hell of a setup there DSlodki with the hog4 and ArKaos, im assuming this is for a commercial/theatrical display? (love the hog4 btw) +1 vote for madrix here.
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    One of my songs..

    Cheers guys, Yep madrix for tree and fence. Light factory for the rest and the playback of the music.
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    One of my songs..

    More to come still rendering the videos. Michael
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    Madrix question: Sleeps to santa macro

    Does anyone have a macro or script for madrix to do a sleeps till santa countdown? Cheers
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    Hello from Brisbane

    Welcome to ACL Hiya from another Brisbanite. :D
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    Brisbane/Qld 2014 Brisbane Mini June 14-15 2014

    Won't be able to make it even though I want to. Have to look after the kids as my wife is sick.
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    P2/p12S strobe control for LightFactory Personal

    For light factory, you need a fixture definition for each light. In order to have strobe control in a useful way I made a fixture. Martin can unlock it for each serial number that needs it.
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    P2/p12S strobe control for LightFactory Personal

    If anyone is interested I have made a fixture definition for strobe control with the P2/p12S., I can send it to you for martin to unlock.
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    ECG-P2 Strobe Software (and P12R, P12S ....)

    Cheers for the update Ed. Will artnet ever cover all the outputs of the p12S? Michael