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  1. LightChristmas

    A big Howdy from Illinois, USA

    Thanks Eddy, but am committed to Aurora. Good to hear the intensity is better unlike they were a few years back. Like to keep some as emergency spares for when disaster strikes (as it usually does each year).
  2. LightChristmas

    A big Howdy from Illinois, USA

    Thanks for welcome guys! Yeah. When I did the math last week, I realized that I had a serious sequencing programming chore ahead of me. From a "piddly" 240 channels to 118 times that number made my jaw drop a bit! Luckily with Aurora there are some great tools/features that make things go a...
  3. LightChristmas

    5V RGB string from aliexpress

    If one is making a "string" of lights; I wonder if clear heat shrink tubing would work. Might be a pain stuffing 50+ elements into a 25' piece. The plastic would also conduct a bit of the emitted light, making the light appear larger.
  4. LightChristmas

    A big Howdy from Illinois, USA

    Greetings from the part of Illinois that Time Forgot. Where men are men, and the power company gets nervous when I start hauling out the lights. ;) Am an utter "newb" to DMX, so am attempting to assimilate all there is to know (as of now) about DMX in a month or two. Or at least learn enough...