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    Weird problem with ECG-P2

    Ive just updated three ECG-P2 controllers to V2.7 with no real problems. At least thats what i thought till the last one decided to exhibit some strange behaviour. The unit were only providing gnd and data to a single string of pixels (50) but when connected to the 1ST output only 6 pixels would...
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    Closed ACL 5050 Strip Shipping Payment Thread UPDATED 7/22/12

    All three boxes have now arrived in good order. Thanks Matt
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    Closed ACL 5050 Strip Shipping Payment Thread UPDATED 7/22/12

    Re: ACL 5050 Strip Shipping Payment Thread Payment sent. thanks
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    Melbourne/Vic Melbourne Mini 2012: June 2-3

    Looks like im another late starter as ive managed to wangle a day pass - at least till around 3pm
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    Closed ACL 5050 RGB strip Payment thread - ends MAY 1st

    Do you have any idea how much more shipping will be for the tubes. Im assuming if we have ordered a hundred then you now need three instead of two boxes.
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    RGB High Power Wall Washers

    I would also be interested in at least for. Either 24v or 240V
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    Closed ACL LED Strobe Group Buy - Now Closed

    Re: ACL LED Strobe Group Buy - Payment Thread Closes 30/04/12 All paid for eddy thanks
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    Closed Bulk Buy - ACL RGB Cat5 Breakout Board

    Can i order the following PCB x 50 Bom1 x 25 Bom2 x 25 Thanks
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    Interest Thread - RGB 12 LED 5050 Strip - Closing april 22nd

    Im interested in the following BOM 1 qty: 50 BOM 2 qty: 50 BOM 3 qty: 100 PCB qty: 50
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    ACL LED Strobe Group Buy Interest Thread - Closing 22nd of April

    Ed, i was wondering if there was any chance of just ordering the leds for this project. I purchased 200 of the strobes on the earlier bulk buy but not any of the leds.