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    vixen controlling arduino atmega

    Here is how I am hooking up three 16 relay boards to my mega. Now just working on how to hook them up in series to talk to Vixen so only the relay comes on that I want and not the same relay on all three MEGAs.
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    What's wanted

    I don't know if this will help you, but I am running my light show with an Arduino Mega and banks of relays each ran by an a Mega controlling 48 relays in this case I am using mechanical relays its what I had. They are programed to work with the vixen software daisy chained together. some...
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    Show us your control boxes & Control centers

    one box will control my singing light bulbs, the rest will be switch both AC and DC elements throughout the yard. Was having trouble getting my renzilla up and running.
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    Show us your control boxes & Control centers

    Not in a box yet, just finishing it up before making a working box.
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    Matrix Singing Faces - Different Faces

    Here are the ones I am making. Using an arduino mega 2560 to sync it with vixen Still got some work to do to them yet.
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    Hello from Ohio

    My first bank six boxes of 48, tested and working, just need to wire up the last level. want to have 5 or 6 boxes linked together in the end.
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    Hello from Ohio

    First year trying this kind of setup, but I am quite handy with electronics. Looked into this and decided to use Arduino mega 2560's daisy chained to control all of my lighting. Almost finished my first control box. I am adding singing light bulbs to my display, one control box set aside just...