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    Greetings from Northern Florida USA!

    Is this Gerald???
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    Using E1.31 streams to control PC software

    I'm about 40% done with a similar app. I am reading an E1.31 stream, and using that to control a DIO card on a separate PC.
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    2811 Pixels really cheap but need support from pixel controllers.

    I just ordered a dozen strings. When thy come in, I'll run them on a P12R and compare with the 2801s I already have
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    Mini Tree frames

    Not sure how things are down there, but here(Alabama, US) I went to the cemetery. They throw away the old floral easels. I get FREE anywhere from 2FT to 5FT triangular easels. I just cut the legs down to the size I need with bolt cutters.
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    Nutcracker, new effect, animated gif's

    Sean, I am at work right now with no photoshop . I am sure the gif problems with the bells is probably the transparency and replacement method in the GIF. When I get home, I'll edit them real quick, and we can try them.
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    NRL Fans - come and join the ACL NRL tipping comp

    Is this sort of like Cow Tipping?
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    Hi from Alabama USA

    well, I just controlled some dumb strips with the 27 output (9 channel) DMX controller from Ray. My first foray into DMX, and so far a success.
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    Hi from Alabama USA

    Well Gee whiz. I've been reading this forum for a while, but never registered. I've had a display since 2005, started with DIO cards and homemade SSRs. then went with LOR and added LOR to my home made stuff. in 2007 I added 2 XMUS ren-16 to run my animated items that weren't synced to music...