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    Phil's Live stream will be on air 23rd and 24th

    I've been trying to see too.....offline everytime I look....I am East Coast of US, so I think I need to look between 1am and 5am EST. I think thats right.
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    Awesome Tree Topper

    by light artist Leo Villareal Inspirational Any thoughts on what type of LED's this is made from? Strips? Tubes? Urban Art Projects - Leo Villareal Lighting Test, The Star Sydney
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    WombatManor's 2011 Christmas Display

    Very Nice display....did you build the LED matrix from scratch?
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    Happy Birthday ɟɐsʇǝppʎ

    Happy Birthday Eddy....!
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    Hello from Maryland

    Hi my name is Lou, username PurpleNeons, live in Harford County MD. Fan of the Baltimore Ravens football team. Total newbie, trying to learn all about LED's and found this forum to be very helpful. Is there anyone from Maryland on this board? Happy Holidays!
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    What an unlimited budget can do

    :) Wow! The whole shebang is impressive, but the roof if off the charts.... I probably will never have a budget to do something like that but I sure would love to be able have the tech prowess to create it.